DAX in a Day (DXDY)


Who should attend

This course has been designed specifically for experienced model developers.


We recommend that attendees have prior experience working with Power BI Desktop to create data models.

Course Objectives

During this course you will review:

  • Writing DAX formulas.
  • Defining calculated tables and columns.
  • Defining measures.
  • Using DAX iterator functions.
  • Modifying filter context.
  • Using DAX time intelligence functions.

After completing this training, the attendees should be able to work with Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), perform calculations and define common business calculations for use in reports, and addressing performance and functionality concerns.

Course Content

  • Module 1: Introduce Data Models
  • Module 2: Write DAX Formulas
  • Module 3: Define Calculated Tables and Columns
  • Module 4: Define Measures
  • Module 5: Use DAX Iterator Functions
  • Module 6: Modify Filter Context
  • Module 7: Use DAX Time Intelligence Functions

Preise & Trainingsmethoden

Online Training

1 Tag

  • 790,– €
Classroom Training

1 Tag

  • Deutschland: 790,– €
  • Schweiz: CHF 950,–

Derzeit gibt es keine Trainingstermine für diesen Kurs.