SRM 4.x Reporting (SRM4REP)



This course provides the learner with a base understanding of SRM reporting editing features. Many concepts of SRM reporting are covered: data organization, manipulation, and selection for report generation. The base concepts acquired will allow users to edit and customize reports, as well as to create base reports, such as tables, graphs, and advanced report types. Hands on labs will assist the learner to integrate and practice the lecture material. This course assumes you are already familiar with the report user interface and tools at the level of a user or report consumer.


All Audiences


To understand the content and successfully complete this session, an individual must have a suitable knowledgebase/skill set. The individual must have an understanding of:

  • Storage networking infrastructures and concepts
  • Monitoring and reporting concepts
  • Performance management and reporting in storage environments


Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Use the tools and features of SRM in report design and creation
  • Create various unique reports based upon selected criteria employing the many report types provided in SRM, including table, dashboard, inventory, and graph reports
  • Demonstrate recognition of the advantages and features of the different report types by selecting appropriate report types to satisfy specified conditions
  • Create and make public enhanced reports for others to use and manage the content of the report tree


SRM Overview
  • Report Overview
  • Base Organization of Data
  • Browsing the Dataset
Basics of the Report Template Structure
  • Report Definition Key Concepts
  • Expansion
Base Report Types
  • Table Reports
  • Chart/Graph Reports
  • Mixed Reports
Additional Report Features
  • Introduction to Formulas
  • Publishing Your Reports
Additional Report Types
  • Aggregated Report Types
  • Grouping Report Types
  • Advanced Report Types
  • Miscellaneous Report Types

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