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OpenManage Enterprise Features Implementation and Administration (OMEFIA)


Course Overview

OpenManage Enterprise simplifies, centralizes and automates the full span of server lifecycle management activities – discovery, configuration, deployment, updates, and remediation – within a single console that unifies management of tower, rack and modular platforms. OpenManage Enterprise assists in standardizing and supporting IT management policies and practices.

This course is a baseline course that will provide a learner with a good understanding of OpenManage Enterprise. Students will participate in lecture / lab activities that will cover the following topics; installation/configuration, navigating the console / using the web interface, describe and use the Discovery and Inventory process, explaining system administration tasks using OpenManage Enterprise. Students will learn and use Templates (Compliance and Deployment), gain an overview of OpenManage Mobile integration with OpenManage Enterprise. The course will cover the OME adaptor for integration with SupportAssist Enterprise and an overview of OpenManage Enterprise Modular. Checklists have been incorporated to provide students with a “what to look for” when issues arise

Who should attend

This course is intended for Dell customers who have downloaded/purchased OpenManage Enterprise and need a baseline of knowledge on how the product works, the functionality provided and tasks that can be performed in a lecture/lab based environment.


Ideally, students will have some knowledge of the various protocols used by OpenManage Enterprise.

Course Content

  • Primary Differences between OM Essentials and OM Enterprise
  • Architecture changes
  • Discuss parity with OM Essentials and future additions to product
  • Overview of performance and scalability
  • New Features with 3.0
  • Hardware requirements for installation
  • Software requirements for installation
  • Networking requirements
  • Credential requirements
  • Common installation and configuration issues
  • Configuration considerations prior to using OpenManage Enterprise
  • Checklist
  • Network settings
  • User settings, user roles
  • Security
  • Console Settings
  • SMB settings (in Console)
  • Console update
  • Script execution
  • OpenMange Mobile v3.0 integration
  • Checklist
Console Navigation
  • Web user interface
  • Checklist
Discovery / Inventory
  • Agent Communication
  • Credential requirements for managing systems
  • Environmental Hardening - Considerations for what will break what (Protocols, agent communication, etc.)
  • Security considerations
  • How to do Discovery/Inventory
  • Discovery / Inventory logic:
  • Discovery workflow (does it ping the target then attempt protocols or does it just try the protocols)
  • What protocol is chosen when multiple working protocols are selected
  • What happens on protocol failure? (when solo protocol and multiple protocols)
  • Problems / issues in discovery
  • Auto discovery
  • Checklist
  • Jobs/Tasks
  • How to update &Updating: (i.e. firmware)
  • DRM v3.0
  • How do we ensure the latest inventory for the device is reflected in Software Updates?
  • Will a last inventory date be provided in System Update?
  • Reports and customizing
  • Alerting
  • SNMP alerts, email issues, trap, SMS, etc
  • Scripts/ Scripting
  • Knowing the tokens/variables
  • Checklist
  • Compliance Baseline and Deployment Templates
  • Security (initial set up)
  • Compliance Template
  • Licenses, server, no license – no show….
  • Deployment Template
  • Virtual Identities ( stateless deployment)
  • Remediation (lab)
  • VLAN Management (slide)
  • Checklist
SAE Integration:
  • Explain the Support Assist adapter and show how to add the adapter and to go through a synchronization process,
  • Work with the SAE plug in adapter for OME to connect to SupportAssist Enterprise
  • Explain how Alert Monitoring occurs with the adapter
OpenManage Enterprise Modular
  • Overview of OMEM – what this version offers and why
  • Contrast differences from OMEnterprise
  • In addition to lecture and demonstrations, this course includes labs designed to allow practical experience for the participant.
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