PowerScale Advanced Administration (ISIAA3D)


Course Overview

The PowerScale Advanced Administration course is designed for an experienced PowerScale cluster administrator who requires advanced details around cluster operations. This course provides the expertise necessary for an Administrator to: consider and plan for future growth, understand and implement best practices, identify performance metrics and workload differences, and strengthen their ability to diagnose and support critical cluster situations.This course is an update to the Isilon Advanced Administration course.

Who should attend

This course is intended forall audiences.


PowerScale concepts
  • PowerScale hardware troubleshooting and maintenance procedures
  • PowerScale Administration
  • Basic networking components including Ethernet, switches, and network aggregation
  • Network protocols including TCP/IP, DNS, SMB, and NFS

Course Objectives

  • Perform cluster administration tasks using PowerScaletools and features
  • Manage the PowerScalesystem, users, and network
  • Monitor the system for health and performance
  • Optimize and troubleshoot identified issues in the cluster

Course Content

Administrative Tasks
  • Administrator’s Tasks
  • Performance Basics
Monitoring and Events
  • Events and Alerts
  • Read and Analyze Log Files
  • Troubleshooting PowerScale Cluster
Monitoring, Capacity Issues, and Job Priorities
  • System Monitoring
  • Troubleshoot Hardware Events
  • Jobs and Priorities
User Management
  • Authentication Providers
  • Access Zones and Protocols
  • Multiprotocol Permissions
  • User Mapping
  • Appendix
  • SmartConnect
Performance Tuning
  • Performance Analysis
  • Storage Efficiency for PACS

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