Data Science and Big Data Analytics for Business Transformation (DSBDABT)



Businesses are increasingly looking to take advantage of Big Data to be competitive. In addition to Data Scientists, organizations need data-savvy business leaders who can identify opportunities to solve business problems using advanced analytics and who have the expertise to lead an analytical team. This course gives business leaders the skills and knowledge to better manage such analytical efforts. It describes how to get started and what is required to effectively run projects which leverage Big Data analytics. Specifically, it addresses: deriving business value from Big Data, leading Data Science projects using a data analytics lifecycle, developing Data Science teams, and driving innovation using analytics


The intended audience for this course includes:

  • Leaders of functional areas wanting to enhance analytics-driven decision making
  • Business leaders looking to build a new analytics or Data Science capability
  • Leaders of Business Intelligence or Operations teams looking to raise the level of analytics


To understand the content, derive value, and successfully complete this course, you should have:

  • Experience managing teams or leading initiatives
  • High-level understanding of quantitative methods used in business performance measures


Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Articulate the business value of Big Data and the opportunities it presents to drive growth and innovation
  • Discuss key Data Science analytic methods and identify opportunities for applying these methods
  • Lead analytics projects using a structured lifecycle approach
  • Develop Data Science teams to leverage the required skill sets and appropriate organizational models
  • Drive innovation via analytics projects by understanding how to drive organizational change


Module 1: Introduction
  • Overview of Data Science and Big Data analytics
  • Business drivers for advanced analytics
  • Stages of analytical maturity in an organization
Module 2: Deriving Business Value from Big Data
  • Business value of a Data Science project
  • Overview of key advanced analytic techniques and their applications
  • Big Data tools and technologies
Module 3: Leading Analytic Projects
  • Overview of data analytics lifecycle
  • Frame a business problem as an analytics problem
  • Four main deliverables in an analytics project
Module 4: Developing Data Science Teams
  • Develop an analytic team, roles and skill sets
  • Four approaches to develop Data Science capabilities
  • Three organizational models for Data Science teams
Module 5: Driving Innovation via Analytic Projects
  • Cultivate characteristics of visionary thinking to apply to Data Science teams
  • Incorporate change management as part of implementing a data-driven approach to decision making
  • Leverage small wins to change how the organization approaches problems

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