Erstellen von visuellen Analysen mit Amazon QuickSight (AVAQS)


Course Overview

Are you interested in gaining deeper business value from your data using visual analytics and ML-powered insights? Learn to leverage Amazon QuickSight by understanding how to connect to multiple data sources and author data visualizations and dashboards, to allow end-users to make better data-driven decisions. The Authoring Visual Analytics Using Amazon QuickSight course is led by an expert AWS instructor who will help you understand how to connect to data sources, build visuals, design interactivity, and transform your data using advanced calculations.

You will learn how to apply security and access controls in QuickSight, and explore the machine learning capabilities built into QuickSight. You will gain an understanding of how to build a visual analytics solution using QuickSight through tutorials, hands-on labs, discussions, demonstrations, presentations, and group exercises.

Who should attend

Data and business analysts who build and manage business analytics dashboards.


  • Attendees should have a minimum of one-year experience in business intelligence or a similar function
  • Completed the following course: Data Analytics Fundamentals

Course Objectives

  • Explain the benefits, use cases, and key features of Amazon QuickSight
  • Design, create, and customize QuickSight dashboards to visualize and extract business insights from your data
  • Select and configure appropriate visualization types to identify, explore, and drill down on business insights
  • Describe how to use one-click embed to incorporate visual analytics into applications
  • And much more

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction and Overview of Amazon QuickSight
  • Introducing Amazon QuickSight
  • Why use Amazon QuickSight for data visualization
Module 2: Getting Started with Amazon QuickSight
  • Interacting with Amazon QuickSight
  • Loading data into Amazon QuickSight
  • Visualizing data in Amazon QuickSight
  • Demonstration: Walkthrough of Amazon QuickSight interface
  • Practice Lab: Create your first dashboard
Module 3: Enhancing and Adding Interactivity to Your Dashboard
  • Enhancing your dashboard
  • Demonstration: Optimize the size, layout, and aesthetics of a dashboard
  • Enhancing visualizations with interactivity
  • Demonstration: Walkthrough of dashboard interactivity features
  • Practice Lab: Enhancing your dashboard
Module 4: Preparing Datasets for Analysis
  • Working with datasets
  • Demonstration: Transform your datasets for analysis
  • Practice Lab: Preparing data for analysis
Module 5: Performing Advanced Data Calculations
  • Transform data using advanced calculations
  • Practice Lab: Performing advanced data calculations
  • Activity: Designing a Visual Analytics Solution
Module 6: Overview of Amazon QuickSight Security and Access Control
  • Overview of Amazon QuickSight security and access control
  • Dataset access control in Amazon QuickSight
  • Lab: Implementing access control in Amazon QuickSight visualizations
Module 7: Exploring machine learning capabilities
  • Introducing Machine Learning (ML) insights
  • Natural Language Query with QuickSight Q
  • Demonstration: Using QuickSight Q
  • Lab: Using machine learning for anomaly detection and forecasting
End of day challenge labs
  • Join data sources together
  • Create a dashboard
  • Enhance the dashboard and add interactivity
  • Perform advanced data calculations
  • Integrate machine learning tools into the dashboard

Preise & Trainingsmethoden

Online Training

2 Tage

  • 1.250,– €
Classroom Training

2 Tage

  • Deutschland: 1.250,– €
  • Schweiz: CHF 1.890,–


Instructor-led Online Training:   Kursdurchführung online im virtuellen Klassenraum.
FLEX Classroom Training (Hybrid-Kurs):   Kursteilnahme wahlweise vor Ort im Klassenraum oder online vom Arbeitsplatz oder von zu Hause aus.


Zeitzone: Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit (MESZ)   ±1 Stunde

Online Training
Klassenraum-Option: Berlin
Zeitzone: Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit (MESZ)
Online Training
Klassenraum-Option: Hamburg
Zeitzone: Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit (MESZ)
Online Training
Klassenraum-Option: München
Zeitzone: Mitteleuropäische Zeit (MEZ)


Zeitzone: Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit (MESZ)   ±1 Stunde

Online Training Zeitzone: British Summer Time (BST)
Online Training Zeitzone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
FLEX Classroom Training (Hybrid-Kurs):   Kursteilnahme wahlweise vor Ort im Klassenraum oder online vom Arbeitsplatz oder von zu Hause aus.



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