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Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is a software-defined networking solution facilitating data center automation with application agility. This helps you to automate network provisioning, application services, security policies, tenant subnets, and workload placements. Cisco ACI can deliver significant advantages for your business. To help you quickly gain the benefits of your Cisco ACI solution, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services. These services provide expert guidance to enable you to accomplish your business and technical objectives.

All Professional Services at a Glance

Cisco ACI Professional Services

Fast Lane's experts help you to:

  • Perform a detailed analysis and assessment as well as strategy, planning and design activities for your specific business and technical requirements.
  • Ready your data center infrastructure for the new classes of applications in today’s dynamic environment, including cloud-based, performance-intensive, and big data applications
  • Simplify operations through integration at the infrastructure, systems, and management levels
  • Achieve centralized application-based policy automation, programmability, and visibility in your physical and virtual networks from a single point of management
  • Prepare to ensure that your processes and operational tools allow you to benefit fully from Cisco ACI
  • Support ACI extensions to the public cloud with AWS, enabling you to have a consistent posture across your on-premises and public cloud footprint

In addition, our suite of Cisco ACI Professional Services includes our proven Advisory, Expert 4 Hire and Mentored Install Services such as:

  • ACI Basic Installation
  • ACI Data Center Interconnect Installation
  • ACI Virtual Machine Manager Integration
  • ACI L4-L7 Services
  • Cloud APIC Installation

Cisco ACI Training