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Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization Training

Enterprise Network Core and WAN Essentials Power Workshop (ENCWEPW)
Enterprise Network Unified Access Essentials Power Workshop (ENUAEPW)

Cisco führt im September drei neue Advanced Spezialisierungen ein. Die Advanced Core and WAN Spezialisierung konzentriert sich auf die Cisco Intelligent WAN Lösung welche Organisationen dazu befähigt Informationen kompromisslos über jede Verbindung zu liefern. Die Unified Access Spezialisierung wird das One-Network-, One-Policy- und One-Management-Konzept einführen. Die Cisco Unfied Access Complete Solution beginnt mit Cisco Design Guides und professionellen Services, die Sie von Planung und Design zu tagtäglichen Operationen führen.

Die Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Spezialisierung kombiniert diese beiden Cisco Lösungen in einem Curriculum für den Cisco Enterprise Networks System Engineer. Die Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Spezialisierung zusammen mit der Advanced Security Architecture Spezialisierung wird die ausgelaufene Borderless Networks Architecture Spezialisierung als Gold Zertifizierungsvorraussetzung ablösen.

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Alle Partner die sich auf die neue Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Spezialisierung konzentrieren wollen müssen mindestens eine Person zur Teilnahme an den folgenden, neuen Trainings schicken:


The IWAN Boot Camp presents concepts, routing platforms, technologies, and services that are required for a comprehensive approach to effectively design, manage, and control a Cisco Intelligent Wide Area Network.

This course leads you from discovery of the existing network and current issues, planning, and design to day-to-day operations. The course is supported by an expansive infrastructure, including ISR-AX and ASR-AX routers, WAAS modules, Applications Visibility and Control functionality, Performance Based Routing, and security features including DMVPN, TrustSec, and Zone Based Firewalls, in addition to Cloud Connectors and network management tools. You will learn how the Cisco Intelligent WAN supports a transport independent solution, in conjunction with direct Internet access that allows for the ability of the customer to add cloud based applications, BYOD devices, high bandwidth applications such as video, as well as guest access at the branch while providing the customer with a great return on investment. You will get a hands on experience with the power of the Intelligent WAN, and explore all the latest features that support a next generation branch routing experience.




In today’s enterprise networking environments, the borders have been broken down, bringing with it an ever-changing wave of new devices and cloud-based architectures. Organizations are strained under the requirements of BYOD to allow users to access data and mission-critical applications from anywhere, on any device. Cisco’s “One Network, One Policy, One Management” philosophy is behind a comprehensive set of solutions underlying the Unified Access architecture. The Unified Access SE Boot Camp v1.0 course is designed to assure System Engineers will be able to provide technical pre-sales engineering, demonstrate the key Cisco competitive advantages, create a network design against customer specifications, and implement Cisco Unified Access solutions that are comprised of key differentiating components, features, and services.

This course presents concepts, wired and wireless platforms, technologies and services that are required for a comprehensive approach to effectively design, manage, and control the access on a Unified Access network. The reference network that is selected as a case study in this course is the fictitious Health To All (HTA) Hospital.

This complete solution starts with Cisco design guides and professional services that lead the learner from planning and design to day-to-day operations at HTA Hospital. The final design represents a comprehensive, secure and high-performance BYOD solution providing the necessary infrastructure, including Wireless access points, Wireless LAN Controllers, Security Appliances, and Network Management Tools. HTA Hospital users vary from Guests to Corporate users and from Employees to Contractors. Users have personal computers and VoIP phones at their desks as well as mobile computers, tablets, and smart phones. The network is used for accessing critical patient data, voice and video traffic, different servers, and for web browsing. This Cisco solution addresses all the requirements of HTA Hospital for building a secure and scalable BYOD network.



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