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IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1 (former TSM) Update-Workshop (SPEC81G)


Who should attend

This workshop is intended for TSM technical professionals, storage administrators and operators who would like to get an understanding of the new key IBM Spectrum Protect features from version 7.1.1 onwards. Project managers or consultants may also benefit. A VMware workshop-Image using 3 TSM / IBM Spectrum Protect instances will be used for hands-on exercises.

This workshop incorporates always the latest TSM / ISP developments.


Skill level: intermediate.
You should have a good understanding of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager administration tasks.

Course Objectives

Learn and practice the new IBM Spectrum Protect features like the new container type storage pools. The workshop will be held by an IBM certified instructor (ILT - Instructor-Led Classroom Training). Training materials will be in English.

Please see tab below for further information regarding the class/course content.

Course Content

  • Describe and perform DB2 table & index - Problem Determination activities
  • Describe the connection between TSM/ISP 8.1.12 and Spectrum Protect PLUS 10.1.8 and higher (e.g. backup SPP data to TSM/SP Directory Container Pools & SPP Monitoring from OC).
  • Describe the possibility (and get background information) for changing the chunk extent sizes for backup of bigger amounts of data – new in 8.1.12.
  • Describe and work with OC (Operation Center) latest improvements (e.g. new global TASK overview) new in 8.1.12.
  • Describe new S3 application connection to BA Client new in 8.1.11.
  • Describe the new Storage-Pool Tiering to Tape or VTL ("aka" = traditional Storage-Pool Migration") new in 8.1.8 & Container-Copy Storage-Pools.
  • Describe and use the Representational State Transfer (REST) API in order to connect to the OC (Operation Center) and CMS (Client Management Service) on the BA client side to e.g. initiate TSM/ISP commands from “outside” TSM/ISP.
  • Describe and use the RETENTION SET Backup possibilities new in 8.1.7 & improvements in later versions.
  • Describe and use the new SERVERMON Monitoring component new in 8.1.7
  • Describe and use the BA Client Web “Self Service” Restore Interface new in 8.1.7 & improvements in later versions.
  • Describe the age based rule / policy based " Tier to Cloud " data movement from directory to cloud container pool for better balance of performance and cost & Cloud Read Cache for improved restore-performance new in 8.1.12.
  • Learn how to "deal"with strict SSL / TLS 1.2 / TLS 1.3
  • LZ4 Storage Pool Compression usage & improvements in 8.1.12
  • Describe and use the CONVERT Storage-Pool command
  • Create and use the Container Storage-Pools & work with move container cmds in order to simulate pool reorganizations
  • Describe and use the new next generation server side inline deduplication
  • Describe and use the new Storage-Pool level Replication and recovery of damaged extents/data – and use the REPAIR function
  • Describe and use the new possibility of generating node-level data deduplication reports
  • Describe and use the new possibility of DE-commissioning and RE-commissioning a BA client node
  • Describe and work with BA client CMS (Client Management Service) connection to the OC .
  • Describe and initiate the new storage pool "Master Key" encryption (key). Understand also the importance / dependence for ADMIN and NODE passwords.
  • In addition a lot of “handling / tuning” topics will be covered.
  • Student interaction, discussing their own “Home-“Configuration(s) are welcome.
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