Java SE: Programming I (D102470) – Details

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

What is a Java Program
  • Running and testing a Java program
  • Java technology and development environment
  • Key features of the Java language
Creating a Java Main class
  • Java classes
  • Adding a Main method
  • The Main method
Data in the Cart
  • Manipulating numeric data
  • Working with numbers
  • Introducing variables
  • Working with strings
Managing Multiple Items
  • Working with a list of items
  • Working with conditions
  • Using IF statements
  • Processing a list of items
Describing Objects and Classes
  • Working with object references
  • Doing more with arrays
  • Declaring, instantiating, and initializing objects
  • Defining fields and methods
  • Working with objects and classes
Manipulating and Formatting the Data in Your Program
  • Using the StringBuilder class
  • More about primitive data types
  • Using the Java API docs
  • More numeric operators
  • Using the String class
  • Promoting and casting variables
Creating and Using Methods
  • How arguments are passed to a method
  • Using methods
  • Overloading a method
  • Static methods and variables
  • Method arguments and return values
Using Encapsulation
  • Access control
  • Overloading constructors
  • Encapsulation
More on Conditionals
  • More ways to use IF/ELSE constructs
  • Using the Netbeans debugger
  • Relational and conditional operators
  • Using switch statements
More on Arrays and Loops
  • The ArrayList class
  • Nesting loops
  • Parsing the args array
  • Alternate looping constructs
  • Working with dates
  • Two-dimensional arrays
Using Inheritance
  • Working with subclasses and superclasses
  • Creating and extending abstract classes
  • Overriding methods in the superclass
  • Overview
Using Interfaces
  • Using the List interface
  • Using interfaces
  • Introducing Lambda expressions
  • Polymorphism in the JDK foundation classes
  • Local-variable type inference
  • Polymorphism
Handling Exceptions
  • Propagation of exceptions
  • Overview
  • Handling multiple exceptions and errors
  • Catching and throwing exceptions
Deploying and Maintaining the Soccer Application
  • Application modification and requirements
  • Packages, JARs, architecture
Understanding Modules
  • Module declarations
  • Modular JDK
  • JARs
  • The Module system
  • Testing code
  • JShell basics
  • JShell in an IDE