NetIQ – Access Manager Foundations 5.012 (ACM4200I-5012) – Details

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Installing Access Manager
  • Access Manager Concepts
  • Planning Access Manager
Configuring the Access Gateway Service
  • Connecting the IDP to the IDM Server
  • NAM Clusters
  • Access Gateway Configuration
  • Advanced File Connector
  • Adding Additional Administrators
Rewriting Web Code
  • Preparing for Multi-homing
  • Rewriting Web Content
  • Validating Web Content
  • Pin List
Configuring Reverse Proxies
  • Configuring Network Settings to Support Multiple Web Sites
  • Web Acceleration
  • Proxy Logging
  • Cache Settings
Enable and Protect NAM Applications with SSL
  • What is SSL
  • Enabling SSL/TLS
Enabling Authentication
  • Authentication Framework
  • Authenticating to a Site
  • Embedded Providers
  • Classes, Methods, and Contracts
  • X.509 Authentication Options
  • Introduction to SAML 2.0
  • Introduction to OAuth and OpenID Connect
Configuring Domain Based Multi Homing
  • Configuring multi-homing
  • Methods and Contracts
  • Protected Resources
  • Applying a Contract to a Protected Resource
Mitigating NAM Risk
  • Policy Introduction
  • Policy Types
  • Role Policies
  • How does Risk Work?
  • Risk-based Authentication
  • Policy Troubleshooting
Using Appmarks and enabling Mobile Access
  • Creating an Appmark for a Protected Resource
  • Testing Your Changes
  • Customize the User Interface
  • Branding the User Portal Page
  • Setting up B2C login page
  • Configuring the Mobile Access App
  • Registering Mobile Access
Advanced Access Manager Configurations
  • Configuration Overview
  • Managing Gateway Settings
  • Customizing Error Messages and Error Pages
  • Customizing Logout Requests
  • Gateway Advanced Options
Application Configuration Using Roles
  • Application Connector catalog
  • SSO Assistant Connectors
  • SAML Connectors
  • Unique IDs
  • Third Party SSO Integration
  • Identity Injection and Form Fill Policies
OAUTH and OpenID Connect
  • Defining how OAuth and OpenID Connect work
  • Implementing OAuth in Access Manager
  • Configuring OAUTH 2.0 and OIDC in Access Manager
  • Using Access Gateway in the OAuth Flow
  • Configuring Multi-Factor Authentication for Resource Owner Creds Grant
  • Enabling OAUTH and OIDC Logging