Juniper Networks Design Fundamentals (JNDF) – Details

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Day 1

Chapter 1: Course Introduction

Chapter 2: Network Design Fundamentals

  • A Need for Design
  • Knowledge is King
  • A Proposed Design Methodology
  • A Reference Network

Chapter 3: Understanding Customer Requirements

  • RFP Requirements
  • Scoping the Design Project
  • Analyzing the Data
  • Understanding Customer Requirements Lab
Day 2

Chapter 4: Organizing the Data

  • Analyze the Data
  • Understanding Boundaries

Chapter 5: Securing the Network

  • Why Secure the Network?
  • Where to Secure the Network
  • Security Design Considerations

Chapter 6: Building the Design: Campus

  • Following Design Best Practices
  • Campus Design
  • Building the Design: Campus Lab

Chapter 7: Building the Design: Wide Area Networks

  • Following Design Best Practices
  • WAN Design and Applications
  • Building the Design: WAN Lab

Chapter 8: Building the Design: Data Center

  • Following Data Center Design Best Practices
  • Data Center Design
  • Building the Design: Data Center Lab

Chapter 9: Business Continuity and Network Enhancements

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • High Availability Design Considerations and Best Practices
  • Offerings and Solutions
  • CoS and Traffic Engineering Considerations
  • Environmental Design
Day 3

Chapter 10: Network Management and Automation

  • Designing for Network Management
  • Designing for Network Automation
  • Enhancing the Design Lab

Chapter 11: Putting it to Practice

  • Foundational Elements Review
  • Executive Summary
  • Capstone Lab: Putting it into Practice

Appendix A: Network Migration Strategies

  • Migration Overview
  • Migration Approaches
  • Migration Scenarios
  • Workflow
  • Best Practices

Appendix B: Job Aids

Course Level

JNDF is an associate-level course.