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Db2 12 for z/OS Introduction to System Administration (CV853G)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Starting, stopping, and accessing Db2• Starting Db2 as part of the z/OS IPL process• Data set allocation and APF authorization• The START DB2 and STOP DB2 commands• zParms, DSNTIJUZ, and DSNZPARM• Address spaces• IRLM and lock storageDb2 components and processes• BSDS and logging• Catalog and directory• Program preparation and execution• Transaction execution• Data sharing in the sysplexSystem security• Protecting Db2 data sets• Controlling connections to Db2• Db2 authorization exits• Trusted context and roles• Securing an application serverDb2 authorization• Authorizations• Controlling access for dynamic and static SQL• Access control authorization exits• Distributed securityProgram flow for all environments• Connection types and language interfaces• Program flowTSO and batch environments• TSO• UtilitiesTransaction flow in IMS and CICS (optional)• Transaction processing• Thread reuse• SIGNON exitCICS - Db2 environment (optional)• CICS connections to Db2• DSNC transactionIMS - Db2 environment (optional)• IMS-Db2 introduction• IMS TM• IMS/DLI batch environmentDistributed - Db2 environment• Distributed attachment• Location aliases• DDF profiling• Block fetch• Db2 REST servicesLogging• The Db2 log• Log commands• Archiving considerations• BSDSDb2 utilities• Categorization• DSNJU003 and DSNJU004• BACKUP and RESTORE SYSTEMOperations (monitoring and controlling Db2)• Issuing Db2 commands• Basic workload controls• Monitoring and controlling utilities• DISPLAY commands• Starting / stopping databasesRecovery• Planning for recovery• Table space recovery• Log considerations• DISPLAY and SET LOG commands• Recovery considerationsSystem recover/restart• System checkpoints• System restart after normal shutdown• Page externalization• Two-phase commit processing• System restart after system failure• Recovery considerationsJava with Db2  (optional)• JavaAdministrative task scheduler (optional)• Overview• Routines• Scheduling features• Life cycle• Syncronization• Commands