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IBM SPSS Statistics Essentials (V26) (0G53BG)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Introduction to IBM SPSS Statistics • Review basic concepts in IBM SPSS Statistics • Identify the steps in the research process • Review basic analyses • Use Help Reading data and defining metadata • Overview of data sources • Read from text files • Read data from Microsoft Excel • Read data from databases • Define variable properties Selecting cases for analyses • Select cases for analyses • Run analyses for groups • Apply report authoring styles Transforming variables • Compute variables • Recode values of categorical and scale variables • Create a numeric variable from a string variable Using functions to transform variables • Use statistical functions • Use logical functions • Use missing value functions • Use conversion functions • Use system variables • Use the Date and Time Wizard Setting the unit of analysis • Remove duplicate cases • Create aggregate datasets • Restructure datasets Merging data files • Add cases from one dataset to another • Add variables from one dataset to another • Enrich a dataset with aggregated information Summarizing individual variables • Define levels of measurement • Summarizing categorical variables • Summarizing scale variables Describing the relationship between variables • Choose the appropriate procedure • Summarize the relationship between categorical variables • Summarize the relationship between a scale and a categorical variable Creating presentation-ready tables with Custom Tables • Identify table layouts • Create tables for variables with shared categories • Create tables for multiple response questions Customizing pivot tables • Perform Automated Output Modification • Customize pivot tables • Use table templates • Export pivot tables to other applications Working with syntax • Use syntax to automate analyses • Create, edit, and run syntax • Shortcuts in the Syntax Editor Controlling the IBM SPSS Statistics environment • Set options for output • Set options for variables display • Set options for default working folders