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Optimizing Storage Services for Applications with XtremIO (MR-1CP-XIO4APPS)

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Detaillierter Kursinhalt

The content of this course is designed to support the course objectives.

  • XtremIO Overview and Access Requirements

- Components, models and resources
- XtremIO Management Server

  • XtremIO Cluster Management Interface

- Accessing XtremIO storage management applications (GUI, CLI)
- Management through REST APIs and Plugins

  • XtremIO Storage Presentation

- Storage presentation and volume management
- Host configuration – Windows, Linux, ESXi, Solaris, AIX, and HPUX
- Connectivity Zoning best practices

  • XtremIO Snapshots

- Snapshot features, capabilities, and operations

  • XtremIO Features and Integration

- Encryption, Compression and Deduplication
- XDP (XtremIO Data Protection)
- Integration with ViPR, ViPR SRM, EMC Connectrix Manager Converged Network Edition (CMCNE)
- Integration with Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM)
- Integration with VMware – VAAI, VSI, Operations Manager
- Microsoft – ODX, ESI, and VSS Plug-in

  • XtremIO Performance and Reporting

- Performance overview
- XtremIO reports and host tools
- Common performance issues

  • XtremIO Data Protection

- RecoverPoint native integration with XtremIO arrays
- RecoverPoint operations and management
- Implementing XtremIO into a VPLEX Cluster

  • XtremIO Application Integration

- Integration with Oracle environments
- Integration with VDI environments

  • XtremIO Advanced Management Operations

- Managing alerts and power procedures
- Generating log files, and IP modifications
- Space reclamation and shrinking deduplication rates