Moderation methods for project teams (MMPT)


Who should attend

Project Manager / Leaders, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Manager, Team Leaders, Agile Coaches, IT Leaders, Innovation Managers, Software Developers


In this seminar all necessary basics regarding moderation of project teams will be explained. No further prerequisites are necessary for participation.

Course Objectives

Modern projects often require temporary teamwork across departmental boundaries and disciplines and are increasingly taking place in geographically distributed settings. The quality of the cooperation of such project teams significantly influences their satisfaction and is at the same time lived team development. Successful project work results from a good structure and effective moderation, which includes the individual perspectives and expertise of the participants and takes them into account in finding solutions without becoming tedious. In this way, jointly supported results emerge and all participants feel that the cooperation in the project is goal-oriented and that their time is invested meaningfully.

Course Content

  • Clarifying and shaping one's own role as a facilitator
  • Getting to know and understanding agile as well as classic project meetings and their function in the project
  • Developing structure and processing logic for workshops or meetings
  • Preparing a workshop / meeting and facilitation phases
  • Identifying and processing consensus and dissent
  • Shaping decision-making processes in groups
  • Getting to know various facilitation techniques
  • Methods for prioritizing solutions / ideas
  • Insight into various digital tools for collaborative work such as Miro, Trello, etc.
  • Overview of various activating check in and check out methods
  • Dealing with challenging and challenging facilitation situations
  • Reflecting on and classifying the tools used for collaborative work.e.g. Miro, Trello, etc.
  • Overview of different activating check in and check out methods
  • Dealing with challenging and conflictual facilitation situations
  • Reflection and classification of the learned methods
  • Numerous practical exercises in small groups

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

2 days

  • 1,490.— €
Classroom Training

2 days

  • Germany: 1,490.— €