DEVOPS Simulation 'The Phoenix Project' (DOPP)


Course Overview

The Phoenix Project is a practice-oriented and interactive simulation. You'll work on IT projects and problems and ensure that the Phoenix Project completed in time. The basis of the simulation is the DevOps book of the same title and the problems of Parts Unlimited that can only be solved through IT-based business transformation in the form of the Phoenix Project. You and your team will take on different roles of Parts Unlimited, such as: retail operations, HR, finance or IT operations manager. In thes roles, you'll be confronted with new ideas, problems and external challenges during multiple simulation rounds.

This training is provided by our partner Serview. Serview is a PeopleCert accredited training organization.

Who should attend

The teams for this simulation consist of IT organisation managers, leaders and staff, team leaders and anyone who works in the field of IT or has already participated in ITIL and/or DevOps trainings.


You need no previous knowledge to participate in the simulation.

Course Objectives

Over the course of only one day, you'll receive an informed insight into the theory and practice of DevOps. You'll also learn to use DevOps principles in real situations. During the simulation, you'll be confronted with different events and have to find the right balance, in order to generate real added value for your business and complete the project successfully.

The Phoenix Project simulation fulfils the requirements of the manufacturer. This means that all crucial contents are guaranteed to be communicated. Our close contact to the manufacturer ensures that we'll be able to offer you an up-to-date and in-depth simulation.

After the simulation you and your team will want to have obtained new skills and knowledge. The Ocean's 99 simulation enables you the following:

  • You'll be able to practically implement DevOps in concrete situations.
  • You'll receive an informed insight into the theory of DevOps.
  • You'll experience interactions between individual processes and find out the consequences they can have for the whole IT organisation.
  • You'll be more experienced in identifying workflows. You'll know how a good concept can improve the performance of IT teams.
  • You'll know how you can cooperate more effectively as a team and how you can design your IT projects more successfully through collective planning and implementation.

Course Content

The simulation is carried out in several rounds during which you'll deal with the different themes.

  • Applying DevOps principles in a real environment
  • Finding the balance between, for example, SLA requirement compliance and carrying out the project according to plan
  • Experience on how DevOps can create real added value for the business
  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the IT department
  • Improving the workflow of different teams
  • Developing your personal skills, in order to make them work in a DevOps environment as well as possible
  • Demonstrating possibilities for and responsibilities in successful IT projects

Prices & Delivery methods

Classroom Training

1 day

  • on request

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.