Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in High Availability Clustering Exam (EX436)

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Who should attend

  • Experienced Linux® system administrators responsible for the planning, deployment, and management of more than 1 physical or virtualized server
  • An RHCE interested in earning a Red Hat Certificate of Expertise or an RHCDS or RHCA credential


  • Hold a current RHCE certification at the time the exam is taken.
  • Have Red Hat High Availability Clustering (RH436) or equivalent experience.
  • Understand that real-world system administration experience is also an important aspect of preparation for the exam.
  • Review exam objectives for the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Clustering and Storage Management Exam.

Recommended Training

Course Objectives

You should be able to perform the following tasks:

Configure a high-availability cluster, using either physical or virtual systems, that:

  • Provides a service fail-over between the nodes
  • Provides a preferred node for the service
  • Selectively fails over based on node characteristics

Manage logical volumes in a clustered environment such as:

  • Create volumes and volume groups that are available to all members of a highly-available cluster
  • Create snapshots of logical volumes

Configure a GFS file system to:

  • Meet specified size, layout, and performance objectives
  • Support file system quotas

Configure iSCSI targets and initiators

Manage device configuration using udev

Create and manage Red Hat Storage based clusters including:

  • Creating distributed clusters
  • Creating replicated clusters
  • Implementing and utilizing appropriate file systems

Course Content

The Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Clustering and Storage Management exam (EX436) is a performance-based test of the skills and knowledge needed to implement high-availability services on Red Hat Enterprise Linux® using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability Add-on.

Classroom Training
Modality: G
Price (excl. tax)
  • Germany: 515.- €
  • Switzerland: 515.- €
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Individual Exam KIOSK
Modality: P
Price (excl. tax)
  • Germany: 515.- €
  • Switzerland: 515.- €
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24/05/2019 Munich
30/08/2019 Munich
29/11/2019 Stuttgart
19/04/2019 Paris
23/08/2019 Paris
08/11/2019 Paris
24/05/2019 Rome
30/08/2019 Milan
29/11/2019 Milan
United Kingdom
03/05/2019 London
16/08/2019 London
22/11/2019 London
Middle East
30/05/2019 Kuwait City Course language: English
29/08/2019 Kuwait City Course language: English
21/11/2019 Kuwait City Course language: English
13/06/2019 Muscat Course language: English
29/08/2019 Muscat Course language: English
21/11/2019 Muscat Course language: English
13/06/2019 Doha Course language: English
29/08/2019 Doha Course language: English
21/11/2019 Doha Course language: English

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