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Citrix (NetScaler) ADC 12.x Traffic Management (CNS-219)

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: AppExpert Classic Policy Engine

  • Understand the basics of the NetScaler classic policy engine
  • Describe the NetScaler content-filtering feature and how to configure it.Introduction to the NetScaler System

Module 2: AppExpert Default Policy Engine

  • Describe Default Policy including basic components
  • Discuss the syntax of Default Policy expression
  • Utilize Actions in policy expression evaluation
  • Distinguish key attributes of policy binding and bind types
  • Construct and manage Default Policies with AppExpert

Module 3: Rewrite, Responder, and URL Transform

  • Describe what the Rewrite feature of NetScaler does and explain how it works
  • Discuss the functionality of Responder policies and how to configure them
  • Apply the benefits of using URL Transformation

Module 4: Content Switching

  • Explain Content Switching and how it works
  • Discuss the importance of a Content-Switching VServer
  • Distinguish what Content-Switching policies are and how to use them
  • Understand what rule precedence is and the way it affects policies

Module 5: Optimization

  • Implement traffic compression in a NetScaler environment
  • Understand the benefits of caching in a NetScaler environment
  • Utilize Front End Optimization to render the web browser more efficient

Module 6: Global Server Load Balancing

  • Describe the Global Server Load Balancing feature
  • Deploy Domain Name System to support GSLB
  • Implement GSLB in a NetScaler environment
  • Utilize Content Switching to implement GSLB
  • Understand GSLB Metric Exchange Protocol and Monitoring
  • Customize the GSLB Configuration

Module 7: Clustering (Optional)

  • Understand the NetScaler Clustering feature
  • Identify methods for managing and configuring a NetScaler Cluster
  • Discuss options for troubleshooting the NetScaler Cluster