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BETA Program - E-Learning

Fast Lane Certified Professional:
Data Science with Microsoft

Opportunities for data scientists—one of today’s hottest jobs—are rapidly growing in response to the exponential amounts of data being captured and analyzed.

Companies hire data scientists to find insights and to solve meaningful business problems. Get the real-world knowledge and hands-on experience that can help you succeed in one of these new jobs.

Fast Lane has partnered with Microsoft to help you accelerate your career in one of the hottest fields – data science. Learn data science fundamentals, key data science tools, and widely-used programming languages from industry and academic experts in this unique curriculum created by Microsoft and benefit from Fast Lane's first-class online mentoring services to help you achieve your goals rapidly!

This program will develop the analytical and programming skills you need to take advantage of the 1.5 million career opportunities available now in data science.

You'll Learn To

  • Use Microsoft Excel to explore data
  • Use Transact-SQL to query a relational database
  • Create data models and visualize data using Microsoft Excel and Power BI
  • Apply statistical methods to data
  • Use R or Python to explore and transform data
  • Follow a data science methodology
  • Create and validate machine learning models with Azure Machine Learning
  • Write R or Python code to build machine learning models
  • Apply data science techniques to common scenarios
  • Implement a machine learning solution for a given data problem

The Platform: FastLane.live

We are happy to present the data science program as the first combined learning track on our new FastLane.live E-Learning platform.

Besides to the data science courses our platform features a brand new curriculum consisting of short videos lectures as well as interactive labs and assessments.

Pick a course, sign up today and pay with credit card. You can Interrupt and continue your journey at any time and from anywhere choosing from a variety of courses covering the latest technology trends.

Design your learning journey and receive a certificate of completion for every accomplishment!

Online Mentoring

The Fast Lane Certified Professional Program includes a 2 Hour Mentoring Package. Simply sign up for the service and you will be able to schedule Skype for Business sessions with your dedicated Fast Lane mentor to receive professional support and to explore more difficult topics interactively. You need more than 2 hours of mentoring ? Simply sign up for an additional package!

Discussion Forums

Every course on our E-Learning platform features a dedicated discussion forum where you can exchange with other students 24/7. Subscribe to threads and receive email notifications when someone comments on your posts!

How to Complete the Program

The courses are presented in a suggested order, to guide you as you build your skills. If you prefer, you may take them in a different order. You may also take them simultaneously or one at a time, so long as each course is completed within its specified session dates. You will receive a certificate of completion for every single course. Sign up today, finish all of the courses below and receive your Fast Lane Certified Professional Certificate.


The Fast Lane Certified Professional Data Science with Microsoft Certificate Program can be accomplished by completing one of our two programs:

While both programs contain ten identical courses you have to decide between R or Python courses in Unit 2 and Unit 3. To receive a Fast Lane Certified Professional Certificate you have to complete either both courses in R or both in Python, please do not mix.

Data Science Program - Unit Overview

Unit 1 - Fundamentals

Learn data science basics. Explore topics like data queries, data analysis, data visualization and how statistics informs data science practices. Please choose from Course 3a or Course 3b to complete the unit.

FREE: Data Science Orientation
Querying Data with Transact-SQL
Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel
Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI

Unit 2 - Core Data Science

Learn essential programming languages to manipulate date and discover the fundamentals of machine learning. Please choose from Course 5a or Course 5b to complete the unit.

Introduction to R for Data Science OR Introduction to Python for Data Science
Data Science Essentials
Principles of Machine Learning

Unit 3 - Applied Data Science

Dive deeper into data science programming languages and start leveraging data to develop intelligent solutions. Choose from R for Data Science or Python for Data Science. Please continue with the programming language you selected in Unit 2.

Programming with R for Data Science OR Programming with Python for Data Science
Applied Machine Learning
Developing Intelligent Apps
Implementing Predictive Solutions with Spark in Azure HDInsight

Unit 4 - Capstone Project - Cortana Intelligence Competition

Showcase your data science knowledge and skills, and solve a real-world data science problem in Data Science Professional Project. The project takes the form of a challenge on the Cortana Intelligence platform, where you will develop and deploy a solution that is tested and scored to determine your grade.

The Fast Lane Certified Professional Program for Data Science is a customized beta version of Microsoft's official Data Science curriculum. As of now certifications issued on our platform do not qualify you towards an official Microsoft credential that is to be released in 2017. Any participants that signed up for a course on our platform will be eligible for a free official Microsoft certification through our platform once Microsofts program is released and our platform integrated with Microsoft's services

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