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Protecting your critical infrastructure

All systems that are relevant and indispensable for our daily life are referred to as critical infrastructure. This category of systems includes things like electricity, water, food production, etc. In addition to the term critical infrastructure, the term ICS, i.e. industrial control systems, is also used here. However, ICS can also be found in every manufacturing company. This infrastructure is hugely different from common IT structures that are normally found in companies, since older protocols and systems are often used here due to the complexity of updating. This increases the attack potential but of course also the value of such a system for attackers with devastating effects.

With courses from well-known expert companies and Fast Lane's own training courses, we prepare you to face the complex challenges of these environments and to be able to check, monitor and defend ICS systems safely, but also to be able to identify relevant attack scenarios in order to improve the security of these systems.

Industrial Control Systems Training

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Industrial Control Systems Services

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