Network Automation Essentials (NA120-2022)


Course Overview

The Network Automation Essentials (V)ILT training class is designed for Network Engineers and Administrators. This course teaches the skills needed to successfully implement Micro Focus Network Automation to manage small, medium, or large networked enterprises. Participants get the opportunity to learn the skills required to develop advanced scripts and use change plans to implement device configuration changes. The course covers how to create and use policies that enforce security best practices. The course also covers how to integrate external applications using the NA API and how to develop customer device drivers, and also provides an overview of Optic Data Lake (ODL) and Network Operations Management (NOM) suite on OMT.

The hands-on lab exercises in this course use Network Automation software version 2022.11

Who should attend

Network engineers or administrators who are responsible for maintaining the configuration and policy compliance of a network infrastructure and Consultants who want to implement and add value to customers’ NA installations.


To be successful in this course, you should have the following prerequisites or knowledge.

  • Familiarity with networking terms and concepts
  • Familiarity with web browsers and telnet or SSH connection methods
  • Familiarity with different flavors of operating system environments

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe basic components and functions of Micro Focus Network Automation (NA)
  • Add and delete devices
  • Create groups for device management
  • Run tasks against devices and groups
  • Create, edit, and use templates and change plans
  • Create and use policies for compliance
  • Create and use reports
  • Plan for an NA installation
  • Use NA to upgrade device operating systems
  • Create and use workflows for change control
  • Describe the NA Application Programming Interfaces (NA APIs) and its capabilities
  • Describe the NA Network Driver Studio (NDS)
  • Introduce OMT

Course Content

  • Module 1: Course Overview
  • Module 2: Network Automation Overview
  • Module 3: Device Management
  • Module 4: Device Access Methods, Device Groups, and Tasks
  • Module 5: Change Plans
  • Module 6: Scripting and Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • Module 7: Deploying Software Images and Using the CommandLine Interface
  • Module 8: Managing Policies
  • Module 9: Managing Reports
  • Module 10: Task Troubleshooting
  • Module 11: Authorizing User Access
  • Module 12: Workflows
  • Module 13: Installation and Planning
  • Module 14: Monitoring Server Health
  • Module 15: Administrative Settings
  • Module 16:Administrative Troubleshooting
  • Module 17: NA APIs
  • Module 18: Introduction to NOM on OMT

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

4 days

  • 3,000.— €
Classroom Training

4 days

  • Germany: 3,000.— €

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.