Microsoft Excel 2019 - Pivot Tables & Filters (E19PVT)


Course Overview

Want to use filters and pivot tables like a pro to analyze your data in Excel 2019? With the practical and easy-to-understand descriptions in this book, you will easily succeed. By means of action-oriented examples, you will learn the efficient and professional use of filters and pivot tables in daily practice.

Numerous tips, hints and many exercises help you to quickly comprehend and consolidate the learning content.

  • Filter data (AutoFilter, special filter)
  • Use Excel spreadsheet areas
  • Create pivot tables from Excel data
  • Filter and evaluate pivot table data (including grouping, using calculated fields/elements)
  • Change the structure and display of a pivot table
  • Create pivot tables using a data model
  • Create and edit PivotCharts

Tailored to the learning topics in "Excel 2019 - Pivot Tables and Filters. Evaluate data professionally", with BuchPlus you receive a comprehensive, digital media package with learning videos, accompanying files, knowledge tests and quick overviews of the most important commands.

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Course Content

1 Filter data
  • 1.1Basic knowledge AutoFilter
  • 1.2List of the AutoFilter
  • 1.3Filter multiple columns simultaneously
  • 1.4Top-10-Filter
  • 1.5Basic knowledge special filters
  • 1.6Search criteria for the special filter
  • 1.7Inserting special filters
  • 1.8Table areas
  • 1.9Filtering Table Ranges with Data Sections
  • 1.10Exercises
2 Creating Pivot Tables from Excel Data
  • 2.1 Basic knowledge of pivot tables
  • 2.2 Create recommended pivot table
  • 2.3 Creating individual pivot tables
  • 2.4 Filtering data of a pivot table
  • 2.5 Filtering Pivot Tables with Data Sections/Timelines
  • 2.6 Exercise
3 Evaluate and adjust pivot tables
  • 3.1 Changing calculations in the value range
  • 3.2 Value fields with user-defined calculations
  • 3.3 Changing the layout of a pivot table
  • 3.4 Changing the default layout of pivot tables
  • 3.5 Grouping Pivot Table Data Individually
  • 3.6 Special display options
  • 3.7 Using calculated fields or elements
  • 3.8 PIVOT DATA ASSIGNMENT function
  • 3.9 Updating data in a pivot table
  • 3.10 Exercises
4 Change the display of pivot tables
  • 4.1 Predefined report layouts and formats
  • 4.2 Marking Pivot Table Ranges
  • 4.3 Conditional formatting in pivot tables
  • 4.4 Sorting entries within pivot tables
  • 4.5 Inserting blank rows in pivot tables
  • 4.6 Changing properties of pivot tables
  • 4.7 Exercise
5 Creating Pivot Tables Using a Data Model
  • 5.1 Basic knowledge of data models
  • 5.2 Creating a Pivot Table from Multiple Linked External Data Sources
  • 5.3 Creating a Pivot Table from Multiple Unlinked External Data Sources
  • 5.4 Creating a pivot table based on other pivot tables
  • 5.5 Drilldown
  • 5.6 Exercise
6 Create PivotCharts
  • 6.1 Basic knowledge PivotCharts
  • 6.2 Create and edit PivotChart
  • 6.3 Exercise

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Online Training Time zone: Central European Summer Time (CEST) Course language: German
Online Training Time zone: Central European Summer Time (CEST) Course language: German
Online Training Time zone: Central European Summer Time (CEST) Course language: German
Online Training Time zone: Central European Time (CET) Course language: German