Cisco IoT Practice Builder Workshop (CIOT-PB-WS) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: The business relevance of Cisco’s IoT solutions for your customers

  • Overview of the enterprise IoT solution stack
    • Device layer
    • Core platform services
    • Analytics
    • Cognitive services and solutions
  • Cisco’s positioning within the enterprise IoT stack and its surrounding IoT ecosystem
  • The Cisco IoT roadmap and vision:
    • Enterprise IoT stack focus
    • Partners within the broader IoT ecosystem
  • IoT ecosystem partners positioning within the enterprise IoT stack:
    • Rapid IoT solution development with relayr and Cisco
    • Remote asset management use cases with Azeti and Cisco CAM
    • Fleet management and connected transportation solutions with Davra Networks and Cisco
    • IoT analytics with Cisco’s Parstream and IBM
    • Connected factory with Rockwell Automation, GE and relayr
    • Connected factory security with Sourcefire, Lancope, NGFW and ISE
    • Connectivity and device management with Jasper
    • Connected analytics with SAP, SAS
    • Connected buildings with Honeywell, UTC, relayr
    • Connected grid with OSIsoft and BitStew
    • Smart and connected cities with Sensity, World Sensing, Acuity and molex
  • Engagement mechanism for Cisco Channel Partners

Module 2: Engage with new buying centers in existing and new customers

  • Summary of Cisco’s IoT solutions and its architectures, including:
    • Connected building solutions
    • Connected transportation solutions
    • Connected machines
    • Connected asset management
  • Market drivers
  • Key customer contacts
  • LOB buyer intelligence
  • Vertical-specific challenges
  • Vertical-specific, proven use cases
  • Wins and customer success stories

Module 3: How Cisco Channel Partners mon-IoT-ize enterprise IoT solutions

  • Understanding the IoT Solution Lifecycle model:
    • Awareness
      • Sales Acceleration
      • Customer Engagement
      • Solution Development
      • Deployment
      • Managed Services
    • Building awareness
    • Accelerating the Sale
    • Customer Engagement Workshops
    • Solution Development and Deployment for IoT Solutions