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Network Automation in the Data Center (NA-DC)

Detailed Course Outline

Day 1
Chapter 1: Course Introduction
Chapter 2: Automation in the Data Center Overview
  • Market Drivers for Automation in the Data Center
  • Understanding the Underlay and Overlay Network
  • Automating Services, Security, and Analytics
  • Service Orchestration and OSS/BSS Systems
Chapter 3: Automating the Underlay
  • The Evolution of Data Center Fabrics
  • IP Clos Routing and IP Clos Configuration Review
  • Automating IP Clos Fabric Creation using Ansible
  • Use Case: Configuring an IP Clos Fabric using Ansible
  • Lab 1: Automating the Underlay Using Ansible
Chapter 4: Automating the Overlay Network
  • Data Plane Protocols
  • Control Plane Protocols
  • Contrail Services Using Containers
  • Extending Contrail to the Physical Network
  • Contrail Storage
  • IPv6 Support in Contrail
  • Lab 2: Automating the Overlay
Day 2
Chapter 5: Creating a Data Center Interconnect Overlay Network
  • Review of DCI Methods
  • Challenges with DCI Overlay Networks
  • IP Fabric DCI using EVPN and VXLAN
  • IP Fabric DCI Overlay Use Cases
  • IP Fabric DCI Configurations
Chapter 6: Automating Service Creation
  • High Availability in Contrail and OpenStack
  • Configuring DNS Services
  • Deploying Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS)
  • Configuring Service Chains
  • Lab 3: Automating Service Creation
Day 3
Chapter 7: Automation and Security
  • Security Opportunities and Risks in the Virtualized Data Center
  • Security Inherent in Using vRouters
  • Configuring Multitenancy
  • Security Groups in OpenStack
  • Configuring MD5 Authentication of Contrail BGP Sessions
  • Lab 4: Configuring Security in Contrail
Chapter 8: Monitoring and Analytics
  • Methods of Analyzing using the Analytics Engine
  • Bottom Up Approach to Analyzing
  • Top Down Approach to Analyzing
  • Advanced Analytics: Ceilometer and Heat Autoscaling
  • Lab 5: Using Contrail Ceilometer

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