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Host to Storage SAN Implementation (MR-1CP-NSH2SIC)

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Detailed Course Outline

The content of this course is designed to support the course objectives.

Validation o Validate the Environment
  • Validation Tools
  • Validation Documentation
Host Configuration
  • Host Considerations
  • Configure Linux for EMC Storage
  • Configure Windows for EMC Storage
  • Configure ESXi for EMC Storage
  • Boot from SAN o Clustering Overview
B-Series SAN Configuration
  • B-Series Initial Switch Configuration
  • B-Series Routine Maintenance
  • Zoning Concepts
  • Configuring B-Series Zoning
  • B-Series Troubleshooting
MDS-Series SAN Configuration
  • MDS-Series Initial Switch Configuration
  • MDS-Series Routine Maintenance
  • Configuring MDS-Series Zoning
  • MDS-Series Troubleshooting
Storage Configuration
  • VNX Configuration
  • VMAX Configuration
Volume Access
  • VNX Storage Provisioning
  • VMAX Storage Provisioning
  • Device Discovery Configuration
  • PowerPath Architecture and Theory
  • PowerPath Configuration
  • Multipathing in Linux
  • Multipathing in Windows
  • Multipathing in ESXi
Logical Volume Management
  • Linux LVM
  • Windows LVM
Post Implementation
  • Verify the Environment
  • Documentation Process
IT Transformation
  • Trends Driving IT Transformation
  • Converge Networks Overview
  • FCoE Overview