Ethics Statement and Values

Fair, respectful and professional business relations

The Fast Lane Group is a global company with a variety of business relationships. The company considers fairness, integrity and professionalism to be the foundation of these business relationships and is committed to upholding these values in all business transactions and relationships, regardless of the country in which it operates. For this reason, the company has issued globally applicable business ethics guidelines. Furthermore, the individual subsidiaries ensure that site-specific measures are adopted and that employees develop a high level of awareness for the topic. Fast Lane Group believes that sustainable growth and healthy markets with a fair competition can be achieved through strict adherence to ethical principles in business relationships.

Our Responsibilities

As a company operating internationally, Fast Lane recognises its responsibility in the area of business ethics. The company makes its contribution to ethical business relations by committing itself to principles and passing these on to its employees. This also means, when necessary, transparent cooperation with authorities and compliance with legislation that affects business relationships. We are committed to acting ethically and avoiding any activity that leads to unethical behavior.

Human Rights

The Fast Lane Group is committed to the prohibition of all forms of forced labour, child labour and human trafficking. We do not tolerate work or services that are forced from a person under threat of punishment or that a person does not perform voluntarily. The protection of minors is important to us. If the Fast Lane Group employs minors, we pay close attention to national and local regulations such as working hours and holidays/vacations. We also expect our suppliers to adhere and practice the described values in their business.

Conflict of Interest

Fast Lane Group recognises the danger of conflicts of interest and tries to avoid them in order to create fair competition. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, existing relationships (friends, family) outside the profession are not taken into account when making business decisions. To ensure that such decisions are made as objectively as possible, situations in which this type of conflict of interest can occur are avoided. In order to make an objective decision, e.g. in the case of a large contract, the possibility of a tender is used.

Corruption and Bribery

Fast Lane Group does not accept any form of corruption or bribery. For this reason, special emphasis is placed on defining these terms as broadly as possible and establishing a general understanding. Clear boundaries are drawn and a reporting system is established. Thereby, all intentional and/or unintentional illegal business practices are to be effectively addressed. The reporting system plays a special role in this and is set up with special care. Particular care has been taken to ensure that the relationship between superiors and subordinates has no influence on the reporting person(s). Fast Lane Group will ensure that no one suffers detrimental treatment as a result of reporting a concern relation to potential instances of bribery or corruption.

Trade Restriction

The Fast Lane Group recognises that Governments around the world will impose sanctions on occasions to support foreign policies and national security objectives, as well as maintaining international peace and security, and preventing terrorism. Sanction measures may include arms embargoes, trade sanctions and other trade restrictions. Fast Lane Group complies with applicable sanctions.

Record Keeping

The Fast Lane Group will keep detailed and accurate financial records, and will have appropriate internal controls in place to act as evidence for all payments made.