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AWS Talent Program

Qualification initiative against
the shortage of skilled workers

• Recruit

• Qualify

• Certify

Challenges of Digitalisation

Especially when it comes to a comprehensive and deep understanding of cloud technologies and solutions, there is a lack of qualified experts. The solution architects and developers of the next generation must also have a holistic understanding of the challenges of digital transformation.

Training of next generation cloud experts

If you're looking for qualified cloud experts for your business, the AWS Talent Program offers you a complete, customized solution. We search and recruit suitable talents for you and train them to become highly qualified and certified Cloud specialists within a few months. Our complete programs include identification, evaluation, qualification, coaching, mentoring and certification of candidates. This ensures that your investment brings you exactly the certified and highly qualified cloud experts you are looking for. Program graduates have the skills needed to develop, operate and manage distributed applications and systems on the AWS platform.

Full Service Package
  • Programme management
  • Identification and screening of talent
  • Matchmaking with future employer
  • Support in the drafting of contracts
  • Pre-training filter and exit option
  • Foundation level filter and exit option
  • HR support and technical coaching
  • Premium training program
  • All agreed AWS certifications
  • Fast Lane guarantee: If a candidate turns out to be unsuitable, we will find and train a replacement at no additional cost.

AWS Talent Program

Program Overview

After recruitment and preparation of the candidates, a one-week evaluation class follows. Afterwards, we prepare the candidates in several training blocks for their future fields of work.

Hybrid Learning Method

  • Extensive self-study materials before the training sessions
  • Self-Paced Modules (E-Learning)
  • Individual mentoring for the entire duration of the programme
  • Test preparation and assessments
  • Certification tests with reviews and repeat tests if necessary
  • AWS trainings and bootcamps on advanced topics
  • Reporting and monitoring

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