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R12.2 Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning Fundamentals


Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) is a comprehensive, Internet-based planning solution that decides when and where supplies (for example, inventory, purchase orders and work orders) should be deployed within an extended supply chain. This is the supply planning function. Oracle ASCP addresses the following key supply planning issues:

  • How do I plan my supply chain in the least amount of time possible?
  • How do I minimize the number of plans and iterations?
  • How do I plan my entire supply chain?
  • How do I involve my trading partners?
  • How can I access my plan from anywhere?
  • How do I keep improving my plans?


Implementation Consultant


  • Describe the APS business flow
  • Define plan types
  • Model the supply chain
  • Describe the collections process
  • Create personal and public queries
  • Use the constraint planning features in Plan Options
  • Describe how exceptions are used with constrained plans
  • Configure network routings for flexible routing paths
  • Use the decision rules features in Plan Options
  • Explain how the planning engine handles demand due dates
  • Perform simulation
  • Describe plan options
  • Describe global forecasting
  • List several Oracle applications that integrate with ASCP


  • VCP Component Architecture
  • VCP Key Capabilities
  • Plan Types
  • Data for Planning
  • Planner Workbench
  • Safety Stock
  • Supply Types
  • Item Data
  • Supplier Data
  • Exceptions
  • Comparison of Plan Types
  • Root Causes of Late Demands
  • Types of Decision Rules
  • Simulation
  • Planning Strategies
  • Plan Optimization
  • Penalties and Constraints
  • Key Indicators
  • Introduction to Global Forcasting
  • Forecast Spreading
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