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Oracle Web Services Manager 11g: Securing Web Services (Self-Study Course)


Oracle Web Services Manager provides a solution for governing the interactions with shared services through security and operational policy management and enforcement In addition it also ensures that service reuse remains under control. This course covers the implementation of OWSM 11g security policies. It also briefly deals with the interoperability of OWSM 11g policies with WebLogic Server 11g security policies.

Learn To:
  • Securing ADF applications by using OWSM 11g policies
  • Securing JAX-WS Web service by using OWSM 11g policies
  • Interoperability of OWSM 11g policies with WLS 11g policies


  • Technical Administrator
  • SOA Architect
  • Security Administrators
  • Java EE Developers
  • System Administrator


  • Discuss Web service standards and specification
  • Discuss OWSM 11g components and architecture
  • Secure ADF applications by using OWSM 11g policies
  • Secure JAX-WS Web service by using OWSM 11g policies
  • Discuss Interoperability of OWSM 11g policies with WLS 11g policies


Overview of Web Service technology
  • What are Web Services?
  • About building blocks of Web Services
  • About Web Services Interaction
  • About WS-* Specifications
  • Overview of Web Services and SOA
Web Service Security and Oracle WSM Concepts
  • Overview of Web Services Security
  • What is WS-Security?
  • About WS-Security and SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language)
  • Describe Oracle Web Service Manager Architecture
  • Describe Oracle WSM Ecosystem Architecture
Securing a JAX-WS Web Service
  • Discuss JAX-WS Programming Model
  • Securing a WebLogic JAX-WS Service
  • Policy attachment for WebLogic JAX-WS Web Service
Securing ADF Web Services
  • Introduction to Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)
  • Overview of ADF Architecture
  • About ADF Business Components
  • Securing ADF Service
Oracle WSM Interoperability with WLS Security Policies
  • Overview of Oracle WLS Security Architecture
  • Security Realms in WebLogic Server
  • OWSM 11g interoperability with Oracle WLS 11g
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