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Siebel 8.1.x Self Service (Self-Study Course)



  • Technischer Berater
  • Entwickler


  • OracleAS 10g R3: Oracle ADF for Forms/4GL Developers


  • Customize the Self-Service business logic
  • Customize the Self-Service look-and-feel
  • Prepare a Siebel Self-Service development environment
  • Describe the Siebel Self-Service architecture
  • Navigate and use the Self-Service applications


  • Introducing Siebel Self-Service
  • Siebel Self-Service: E-Commerce
    • Siebel Self-Service E-Commerce functionality
  • Siebel Self-Service: E-Support
    • Siebel Self-Service E-Support functionality
  • Siebel Self-Service Architecture
    • Required architecture components
    • Optional architecture components
  • Deploying Siebel Self-Service
    • Required installation and configuration tasks
  • Self-Service Administration: Data
    • Make products available in E-Commerce
    • Make solutions available in E-Support
    • Modify the shipping rate calculator
    • Add branch locations
  • Administering Siebel Self-Service Sites
    • Create a Siebel Self-Service site
  • Preparing a Self-Service Development Environment
    • Extract the Enterprise Archive file
    • Load the file into JDeveloper
    • Test the development environment
    • Redeploy the customized application to an application server
  • Customizing the Self-Service UI: Look-and-Feel
    • Customize Self-Service skins
    • Create page and image templates
    • Create message translations
  • Customizing Self-Service pages
    • Describe the Siebel Self-Service Page Layout
    • Modify an existing page
    • Create a new page
  • Customizing Self-Service Menus
    • Describe how Siebel Self-Service implements its menu model
    • Add or customize menu items
  • Customizing Page Template Mappings
    • Use the site administration screen to modify page landing sites
  • Customizing Page Flow
    • Add or modify ADF navigation items such as buttons or links
  • Customizing Process Trains
    • Modify existing process trains
    • Create new process trains
  • Security and Visibility
    • Use SSL to secure Self-Service pages
    • Manage page visibility using user responsibilities
    • Manage page and menu visibility using visibility conditions
  • Using Siebel CRM Data
    • Use existing Siebel CRM data
    • Add additional Siebel CRM fields to Siebel Self-Service
  • Customize the Product Configurator
  • Logging and Diagnostics
    • Enable logging for the Siebel Enterprise
    • Enable logging for Siebel Self-Service
    • Identify some of the diagnostic tools available for Siebel Self-Service
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