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Oracle BI 11g: Introduction to End User Tools (Self-Study Course)



  • Endbenutzer
  • Entwickler
  • Businessanalytiker
  • Vertriebsberater
  • Technischer Berater


  • Create analyses to interrogate your data
  • Build a dashboard and add objects to the dashboard
  • Create a report
  • Automate content delivery by using alerts
  • Create KPIs and measure results by using those KPIs
  • Create a scorecard
  • Enhance your analyses by using the MS Office Add-in


  • Introducing Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11gR1
    • Getting Started with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11gR1
    • What is Business Intelligence?
    • Finding Answers by Using Business Intelligence
    • Oracle Business Intelligence: Course Focus
    • Oracle Business Intelligence: Other Components
    • Exploring Oracle BI EE Architecture (Architecture and Process)
    • Exploring Oracle BI EE Architecture: Sample Processing
  • Analyzing Results
    • Beginning the Analytic Process
    • Exploring Information by Using Analysis
    • Sorting, Filtering, Drilling, and Creating Conditions
    • Formatting
    • Defining Variables and Adding Prompts
    • Working with Views: Pivot Tables for Attribute and Hierarchical Columns
    • Working with Charts
    • Creating a Master-detail Linking
  • Sharing Insight by Using Dashboards
    • Opening and Editing a Dashboard
    • Examining Dashboard Builder
    • Adding Columns, Sections, and Catalog Objects to a Dashboard
    • Exploring Page Options
    • Adding Charts and Conditions to a Dashboard
    • Adding Formatting to a Section
    • Creating Dashboard Prompts
    • Publishing Dashboards
  • Delivering Content
    • Automating Business Intelligence by Using Content Delivery
    • Creating Delivery Devices and Profiles
    • Configuring an Agent
    • Subscribing to and Listing Agents
    • Using Conditions to Proactively Respond to KPIs
  • Creating Pixel-Perfect Documents
    • Viewing a Report
    • Creating a Report Layout
    • Creating a Report
    • Scheduling a Report Job
    • Working with a Data Model
  • Measuring Performance
    • Defining KPI General Properties
    • Defining Dimensionality
    • Defining Thresholds
    • Defining Related Documents
    • Creating KPI Watchlists
    • KPI Relationship to Scorecard
  • Developing a Strategy Management Plan
    • Scorecarding Concepts
    • Creating Perspectives
    • Creating Objectives
    • Creating Initiatives
    • Weighting Objectives and Setting Assessment Mappings
    • Creating a Strategy Tree
    • Creating a Cause and Effect Map
    • Collaborating by Using Scorecarding
  • Integrating with Familiar Office Tools
    • Accessing Office Add-in
    • Configuring Office Add-in
    • Inserting Views: Table and Chart
    • Securing Data
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