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Siebel 8.1.x Chat and Voice Integration Using CCA (Self-Study Course)



  • Familiarity with communications infrastructure applications
  • Siebel 8.1.x Technical Foundations


  • Describe Siebel Chat and Voice communications features and operations
  • Describe the components of the Siebel Chat and CTI architecture
  • Define key Siebel Communications Server terms
  • Describe role of the Siebel CTI Virtual driver
  • Integrate Siebel Chat and voice with Contact Center Anywhere (CCA)
  • Configure Siebel Chat


  • Introducing Siebel Chat and Siebel CTI
    • Siebel Communication Solutions
    • Oracle Contact Center Anywhere
    • Communication Features in Siebel Applications: Voice and Chat
  • Siebel Chat and CTI Architecture
    • CCA and the Siebel Web architecture
    • Siebel Communications Server
    • Communications Profiles and Drivers
    • The Siebel Virtual CTI driver
  • Integrating Siebel Chat and Voice
    • Chat and Voice Integration Overview
    • Planning a CCA-Siebel Integration
    • Installing and configuring CCA for chat and voice
    • Installing and configuring Siebel CRM for chat and voice
    • Configuring Siebel Chat
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