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Java SE7 Fundamentals (Self-Study Course)



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  • Describe key features of the Java technology and object-oriented programming and recognize how to examine and modify Java programs
  • Work with variables, operators, and type casting in Java and work with objects in Java
  • Create and use operators, decision constructs, and arrays in Java and use loops in Java
  • Use methods, overloading, encapsulation, and constructors in Java and use advanced object-oriented concepts in Java
  • Handle errors and deploy applications in Java


  • Java SE7 Fundamentals: Introduction to Java
    • Introduction to Java
    • Java Language and Programs
  • Java SE7 Fundamentals: Variables, Operators, and Objects
    • Variables, Operators, and Type Casting in Java
    • Working with Objects in Java
  • Java SE7 Fundamentals: Decision Constructs, Arrays, and Loops
    • Java Operators, Decision Constructs, and Arrays
    • Using Loops in Java
  • Java SE7 Fundamentals: Overloading, Validation, and Object-Oriented Constructs
    • Methods, Overloading, and Encapsulation in Java
    • Advanced Object-Oriented Concepts in Java
  • Java SE7 Fundamentals: Handling Errors and Deploying Applications
    • Error Handling and Deploying Applications in Java
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