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JD EdwardsEnterpriseOne Time and Labor Part 2: Supplemental Functions Rel 9.0 (Self-Study Course)



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  • Describe timecard automation features.
  • Create employee groups.
  • Create timecard templates.
  • Create retroactive and overtime pay rules.
  • Describe fields and functions for timecard automation.
  • Describe JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Time and Labor supplemental functions.
  • Describe global leave administration.
  • Configure global leave administration.
  • Request and approve leave time.


  • Time and Labor Supplemental Functions Business Process Overview
    • Describing the Features of the Time and Labor System.
    • Describing Sources of Information about JDE E1 Time and Labor.
  • Describing Timecard Automation
    • Describing the Benefits of Timecard Automation
    • Describing the Components of Timecard Automation
  • Creating Employee Groups
    • Describing Employee Groups
    • Creating List Groups
    • Creating Select Groups
    • Creating Combo Groups
    • Creating Exclusion Groups
  • Creating Timecard Templates
    • Describing Timecard Templates
    • Describing the Resource Assignment Integration
    • Creating Timecard Templates
  • Creating Retroactive and Overtime Pay Rules
    • Describing Retroactive and Overtime Pay Rules
    • Creating Retroactive Pay Rules
    • Creating Overtime Rule Sets
  • Using Total time accounting
    • Describing Total Time Accounting
    • Set up Total Time Accounting
    • Process Total Time Accounting
  • Describing Fields and Functions
    • Describing Fields, Functions and Formulas
    • Describing Custom and Predefined Functions and Formulas
  • Describing Global Leave Administration
    • Describing the Benefits of Global Leave Administration
    • Describing the Features of Global Leave Administration
  • Configuring Global Leave Administration
    • Describing the Global Leave Administration setup process
    • Setting Up Pay Types for Global Leave Administration
    • Setting Up Global Leave Administration Constants
    • Setting Up Leave Types
    • Creating Employee Schedules
    • Setting Up Leave Groups and Verification Rules
    • Setting GLA Processing Options
  • Requesting, Reviewing and Approving Leave
    • Describing the Leave Request and Approval Process
    • Entering Leave Requests
    • Reviewing and Approving Leave Request
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