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Introduction to Oracle WebLogic Server for OC4J Administrators (Self-Study Course)



  • Web-Administrator
  • Java-Entwickler


  • Oracle WebLogic Server Topology Elements
    • Comparison of Server Components
    • Oracle WebLogic Server Domain
    • Benefits of Using Domains
    • Domain Restrictions
    • Oracle WebLogic Server Versus OC4J Instance
    • Administration Server
    • Managed Server
    • Administration Server and OC4J Administration
  • Installation
    • Separating Installation and Configuration
    • Oracle WebLogic Server Components
    • Oracle Home Directory Structure
    • Domain Architecture
    • Using the Domain Configuration Wizard to Create Domains
    • Domain Configuration Repository
    • Starting Administration Server and Managed Server
    • Enabling Autologin Using Boot Identity File
  • Administration Tools
    • Administration Console
    • Elements of the Administration Console
    • Customizing the View for All Servers
    • Change Management
    • Distributed Configuration Management
    • WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST)
    • Running the WLST Script
    • WebLogic JMX: Overview
  • Oracle WebLogic Server Security Realms
    • Security Realms
    • Users
    • Groups
    • Security Policies and Roles
    • Configuring Global User, Group, and Role
    • Adding Users or Groups to Groups
    • Migrating Security Data
    • Setup Authentication
  • Deploying Applications
    • Oracle Application Server Deployment
    • Oracle WebLogic Server Deployment
    • Deployment Tools
    • Autodeploy
    • Using the Administration Console to Deploy
    • Deployment Plans
    • FastSwap Deployment
    • Monitoring an Application
  • Comparison of Subsystems
    • Comparison of Ports and Thread Pool
    • Oracle WebLogic Server Multidata Sources
    • Comparison of RMI
    • Oracle WebLogic Server Clustered JNDI
    • Web Container and Web Server Plug-In
    • Web Tier Load Balancing in Oracle WLS
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