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UPK Developer Rel 3.6 New Features (Self-Study Course)



  • Projektmanager
  • Entwickler
  • Technischer Berater
  • Web-Administrator
  • Vertriebsberater


  • Use Autosave and Autorecover
  • Use and position Toolpanes
  • Hide frame bubbles for See It! and Try It! modes
  • Suppress the preview of attachments in the Outline Editor
  • Edit package files from the Package Editor
  • Publish content to a Microsoft Presentation
  • Customize the Presentation style
  • Set sound playback and recording options
  • Record sound in the Web Page Editor
  • Record sound in the Topic Editor
  • Record sound with topic recording
  • Use the Sound Editor to edit sound
  • Publish content with sound
  • Use and customize the windowed See It! Player
  • Configure SmartHelp with the IAS Configuration Utility
  • Configure Target Application help with the IAS Configuration Utility


  • General Developer Enhancements
    • Set AutoSave Options
    • Recover a Document
    • Check in an Interim Copy
    • Disable Unused Target Applications
  • Topic Editor Enhancements
    • Open the Topic Editor in a Tab
    • Use and Position Toolpanes
    • Undo/Redo Multiple Actions
    • Hide Bubbles for See It!/Try It! Mode
    • Hide Bubbles using Frame Settings
    • Show/Hide Bubbles for All Frames
  • Outline Editor Enhancements
    • Suppress the Preview of Attachments
    • Edit Package Files in the Package Editor
  • Presentation Publishing Format
    • Presentation Defaults
    • Publish a Presentation
    • Customize the Presentation Style
  • Sound Enhancements
    • Sound Recording Best Practices
    • Work with Microphones
    • Scripts and Test Recordings
    • Set Sound Playback and Record Options
    • Ensure consistent sound levels
    • Enable sound for playback
  • Record Concept Sound
    • Record sound in the Web Page Editor
    • Play concept sound in the Outline Editor
  • Edit Sound in the Web Page Editor
    • Select sound segments in the waveform
    • Zoom the audio timeline
    • Re-record a sound selection
    • Insert sound
    • Amplify a sound selection
    • Cut, copy, paste, crop, and delete sound selections
    • Extend the timeline in the waveform
    • Add silence
  • Record Topic Sound
    • Record sound in the Topic Editor
    • Set sound recording options
    • Manual topic recording with sound
    • Automatic topic recording with sound
    • Play sound in the Topic Editor
    • Change the frame zoom
    • Edit sound in the Topic Editor
    • Set begin and end markers
  • Player Enhancements
    • Use Sound in the Player
    • New Navigation Keys
    • Play See It! Mode in a Window
    • Customize Windowed Stylesheet Elements
    • Customize the Windowed See It! Player
  • In Application Support
    • Implement In-Application Support
    • Open the IAS Configuration Utility
    • Use the IAS Configuration Utility
    • Configure SmartHelp
    • Configure Target Application Settings
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