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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Organization and Chart of Accounts Setup 9.0 (Self-Study Course)



  • Businessanalytiker
  • Projektmanager
  • Technischer Berater


  • Understand the Business Process
  • Understand General Accounting Constants
  • Set Up Fiscal Date Patterns
  • Set Up Companies
  • Set Up Business Units
  • Understand the Chart of Accounts
  • Set Up a Model Chart of Accounts
  • Manage the Chart of Accounts
  • Create Accounts Using Dynamic Account Creation


  • Understanding the Business Process
    • Describing the Features of the General Accounting System
    • Describing the Systems that Integrate with the General Ledger
  • Describing General Accounting Constants
    • Explaining the Constant for Invalid Accounts
    • Explaining the Constants for the Separator Character and Account Symbols
    • Explaining the Other General Accounting Constants
  • Setting Up Fiscal Date Patterns
    • Defining Fiscal Date Patterns
    • Analyzing Warnings and Error Messages
  • Setting Up Companies
    • Describing a Company
    • Setting Up a Company
    • Understanding Address Book Records for Companies
  • Setting Up Business Units
    • Setting Up a Business Unit
    • Setting Up a Business Unit Type
    • Assigning Business Unit Category Codes
    • Describing How to Modify Business Units
  • Explaining the Chart of Accounts
    • Describing the Chart of Accounts
    • Understanding Account Segments
    • Describing Types of Accounts
  • Setting Up a Model Chart of Accounts
    • Setting Up the Model Business Unit Type
    • Setting Up the Model Business Unit
    • Identifying Model Accounts
    • Importing Accounts
  • Managing the Chart of Accounts
    • Copying accounts
    • Modifying Accounts
    • Examining the Chart of Accounts Setup
    • Differentiating Between Subledgers and Subsidiaries
  • Creating Accounts Using Dynamic Account Creation
    • Understanding Dynamic Account Creation
    • Setting Up the System to Allow Dynamic Account Creation
    • Creating an Account Using Dynamic Account Creation
    • Verifying New Accounts
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