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Oracle Database 11g: High Availability (Self-Study Course)



  • Datenbankadministratoren
  • Datenbankdesigner
  • Endbenutzer


  • Repair data failures
  • Use Flashback Archive, Transaction and LogMiner
  • Perform online database application maintenance
  • Protect your database with enhanced RMAN features
  • Use enhanced Data Guard features


  • Using the Data Recovery Advisor
    • Repairing Data Failures
    • Data Recovery Advisor
    • Assessing Data Failures
    • Data Failures
    • Data Failure: Examples
    • Listing Data Failures
    • Executing Repairs
    • RMAN Command-Line Interface
  • Using Flashback and LogMiner
    • New and Enhanced Features
    • Oracle Total Recall
    • Flashback Data Archive
    • Preparing Your Database
    • Flashback Data Archive: Workflow
    • Using Flashback Data Archive
    • Viewing Flashback Data Archives
    • Prerequisites
  • Online Application Maintenance
    • What You Already Know and What Is New
    • Redefinition and Materialized View
    • More Precise Dependency Metadata
    • Fine-Grain Dependency Management
    • Minimizing Dependent PL/SQL Recompilation
    • Serializing Locks
    • Locking Tables Explicitly
    • Sharing Locks
  • Using RMAN Enhancements
    • RMAN: New Features
    • More RMAN New Features
    • Parallel Backup and Restore for Very Large Files
    • Active Database Duplication
    • The RMAN DUPLICATE Command
    • Archival Backups
    • Managing Recovery Catalogs
    • The IMPORT CATALOG Command
  • Using RMAN and Data Guard Integration Enhancements
    • Improved Integration of RMAN and Data Guard
    • Setting a Persistent Configuration for a Site
    • Viewing Persistent Configuration Information
    • Viewing Site Information in the Recovery Catalog
    • Defining Connect Identifiers for Data Guard Databases
    • Associating Metadata with a New Site Name
    • Removing Site Information from the Recovery Catalog
    • Restoring a Control File
  • Using Data Guard Enhancements
    • Real-Time Query and Physical Standby Databases
    • Using Real-Time Query
    • Compressing Redo Data
    • Querying the Redo Compression Attribute
    • Dynamically Setting SQL Apply Parameters
    • Logical Standby Database Flash Recovery Area
    • Using DGMGRL to Create a Snapshot Standby Database
  • Using Data Guard Fast-Start Failover Enhancements
    • Displaying Fast-Start Failover Information
    • Initiating Fast-Start Failover from an Application
    • Determining the Reason for a Fast-Start Failover
    • Availability of the Primary Database
    • Fast-Start Failover in Maximum Performance Mode
    • Is Fast-Start Failover Possible?
    • FastStartFailoverThreshold Property
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