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Oracle Database 11g: New Features Overview (Self-Study Course)



  • Datenbankadministratoren
  • Technischer Berater
  • Data Warehouse-Administrator


  • Improve disk failure recovery times by using ASM Fast Mirror Resync
  • Configure ASM preferred read failure groups
  • Use the SYSASM privilege to manage ASM disks
  • Perform proactive failure checks
  • Enable tracking of table data using Flashback Data Archive
  • Back out data changes using flashback transaction
  • Configure archivelog deletion policies
  • Create archival backups for long-term storage
  • Create a snapshot standby database
  • Create a tablespace with encryption for added security
  • Use large object encryption for SecureFile LOBs
  • Set up and modify Automatic SQL Tuning
  • Create AWR Baselines for future time periods
  • Perform cluster-wide analysis of performance
  • Use memory efficiently with Query Result Cache support
  • Gain flexibility in automatic statistics generation


  • Introduction
    • Oracle Database Innovation
    • Customer Testimonials
    • Enterprise Grid Computing
    • Oracle Database 11g: Focus Areas
    • Management Automation
    • New Features Overview eStudy
    • Change Management Overview eStudy
    • Further Information
  • Managing Storage
    • ASM Enhancements
    • ASM Fast Mirror Resync: Overview & Setup
    • ASM Preferred Mirror Read: Overview & Setup
    • ASM Preferred Mirror Read: Best Practice
    • SYSASM Role
    • ASM Disk Group Compatibility & Attributes
    • SecureFiles: Overview
    • Migrating to SecureFiles
  • HA: Using the DRA and Flashback
    • Repairing Data Failures
    • Data Recovery Advisor
    • Listing Data Failures
    • Advising on Repair
    • Setting Corruption-Detection Parameters
    • Flashback Data Archive: Overview
    • Flashing Back a Transaction
    • Dependency Report
  • HA: RMAN and Data Guard
    • RMAN Enhancements in 11g
    • Duplicating a Database
    • Creating a Standby Database with the DUPLICATE Command
    • Parallel Backup and Restore for Very Large Files
    • RMAN Data Recovery Commands
    • RMAN Security Enhancements
    • Improved Integration of RMAN and Data Guard
  • Security: New Features
    • Security Enhancements
    • Secure Default Configuration
    • Enabling the Built-in Password Complexity Checker
    • Managing Default Audits
    • Privileges Audited By Default
    • Adjusting Security Settings
    • Setting Security Parameters
    • Transparent Data Encryption Support
  • Intelligent Infrastructure
    • Automatic SQL Tuning in 11g
    • Automatic Workload Repository Baselines
    • Changes to Procedures and Views
    • Automated Maintenance Tasks
    • Default Maintenance Resource Manager Plan
    • Automated Maintenance Task Priorities
    • ADDM Enhancements in 11g
    • ADDM for Oracle RAC
  • Datawarehousing Enhancements
    • SQL Access Advisor in 11g
    • Oracle Partitioning Across Releases
    • 11g Partitioning Enhancements
    • Moving the Transition Point
    • Composite Partitioning Enhancements
    • Reference Partitioning
    • Bitmap Join Index for IOT
    • Table Compression
  • Additional Performance Enhancements
    • Partitioned Tables and Incremental Statistics: Overview
    • Hash-Based Sampling for Column Statistics
    • Expression Statistics: Overview
    • Query Result Cache
    • Managing the Query Result Cache
    • Using the DBMS_RESULT_CACHE Package
    • Viewing Information About the Query Result Cache
    • PL/SQL Function Cache
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