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Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Monitor and Tune Performance (Self-Study Course)



  • Web-Administrator
  • Projektmanager


  • Fair knowledge of administering Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Administration Essentials


  • Describe performance tuning methodology and tools
  • Configure performance evaluation tools
  • Use the JRockit Mission Control to monitor JRockit JVM
  • Use JRockit Flight Recorder to record and analyze JRockit performance data
  • Use Java Visual VM to monitor Hotspot JVM
  • Use the Grinder to record performance test data and tune JVM
  • Configure and use Work Manager
  • Tune performance of Web applications
  • Configure and tune JDBC performance
  • Configure and tune EJB performance
  • Configure and tune JMS performance
  • Describe performance considerations for clusters


  • Introduction to Performance Monitoring
    • Overview of Performance Methodology
    • Importance of Performance Tests and Benchmarks
    • Introduction to Load and Stress Test Tools
    • Configuring the Grinder
    • Introduction to Oracle Application Testing Suite
  • Monitoring and Tuning JRockit JVM
    • Overview of Java Virtual Machines
    • Understanding Garbage Collection and Heap Fragments
    • JRockit JVM Benefits
    • JRockit Mission Control
    • JRockit Flight Recorder
    • JRockit Memory Leak Detector
    • Tuning JRockit JVM Garbage Collection
    • Configuring JVM Parameters
  • Tuning Hotspot JVM
    • Overview of Hotspot JVM
    • Tools for Monitoring Hotspot JVM
    • Using Java Visual VM
    • Command-line Tools to Monitor Hotspot JVM
    • Understanding JVM Ergonomics
    • Use of Throughput Goal
    • Use of Footprint Goal
    • Configuring JVM Parameters
  • Configuring Work Managers
    • Introduction to WLS Self-tuning
    • What is Work Manager?
    • Threadpool and Priority
    • Scheduling Guidelines
    • Work Manager Configuration
    • Work Manager Scope and Sharing Constraints
    • Introduction to CommonJ
  • Configuring Other WebLogic Server Resources
    • Domain Startup Mode
    • Native IO Performance
    • Stuck Threads
    • Tuning Chunk Size
    • Connection Backlogs
  • Using the JSP Compiler jspc
    • Using the Precompile Option
    • Setting JSP Page Check Interval
    • Setting Servlet Reload Check Interval
    • Defining WebLogic Cache Tag
  • Tuning JDBC
    • Tuning Connection Pools
    • Tuning Statement Caches
    • Performing Batch Updates
    • Tuning Transactions
    • Tuning Database Specific Parameters
  • Tuning EJB
    • Tuning Pool Size
    • Tuning Cache Size
    • Tuning Concurrency Strategy
    • Tuning Entity Bean Parameters
    • Tuning Transactions
    • Tuning EJB Clients
  • Tuning JMS
    • Tuning JMS Clients
    • Defining Aggregation and Message Pipeline
    • Describing Persistence Techniques
    • Listing Throttling Techniques
    • Considerations for Store and Forward message
  • Tuning WebLogic Server Clusters
    • Architectural Consideration
    • Load Balancers and Firewalls
    • Session Persistence
    • General Tuning Tips
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