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Oracle BPM 10g R3 Foundations (Self-Study Course)


This interactive online course offers a quick overview of Business Process Management (BPM) and the Oracle BPM product. Students learn about BPM – what it is and its terminology and about the Oracle BPM product. This course does not teach students how to use the Oracle BPM product. The course begins by providing some background on Business Process Management and the phases in a typical BPM lifecycle. It presents the Oracle BPM product, explaining how it supports every part of the BPM lifecycle. Students see how Business Analysts can use Oracle BPM Studio to model and simulate a process, and how Developers, working with the same model, implement the process by creating the business logic and code necessary to support the process. The course describes how System Administrators take the handoff from Developers and publish and deploy the process, to run it in the real world.

Students get a glimpse of how end users interact with running processes, and how data from a running process can be monitored through dashboards, allowing those responsible for the processes to continuously improve their performance.

Learn to:
  • Understand how business models are created
  • Understand how business models are deployed and run
  • Understand how business processes are monitored in an enterprise
  • Identify the different components that make up the Oracle Business Process Management product
  • Understand how simulation helps you create more accurate business models


  • Data Modelers
  • SOA Architect
  • Business Analysts
  • Developer


Suggested Prerequisites:
  • Familiarity with Business Process Management


  • Describe what Business Process Management is
  • Identify the components of the Oracle BPM product
  • Describe how a business process model is designed, built, tested, implemented, deployed, run, and monitored


Overview of a Typical Business Process
  • Characteristics of a Business Process
  • The Business Process-centric View of the Business
  • Which Processes to Manage
  • Ways to Improve a Business Process
BPM Lifecycle
  • Stage 1: Model
  • Stage 2: Implement
  • Stage 3: Deploy
  • Stage 4: Monitor
BPM Solution Lifecycle of Continuous Business Process Improvement
OBPM Architectural Overview
  • Jave EE
  • Standalone
Modeling a Business Process
  • Overview of the Modeling Steps
  • Example Business Process Model
  • Simulation
  • Round Trip Simulation - Using Real Data to Improve Simulations
Implementing a Model
  • Implementation Steps
  • Presentations and Screenflows
  • Overview of the Business Process Language
  • How external components are integrated into a business process model
  • Testing and Debugging a Business Process
  • Exporting a Project
Deploying and Executing a Business Process
  • Overview of Administrative Steps
  • Introduction to the Process Administrator
  • Overview of Publishing and Deploying a Process
  • How End-users Interact with a Running Business Process
Monitoring a Business Process
  • Overview of Monitoring Dashboards
  • Overview of the BAM Database
  • How to Create Dashboards
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