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MySQL Quickstart Fundamentals (Self-Study Course)



  • Entwickler
  • Datenbankadministratoren


  • Basic computer literacy is required.


  • Understand the features and benefits of MySQL
  • Gain the experience to install and start the MySQL server
  • Understand the basics of Relational Databases
  • Acquire the ability to use Data/Column types with regard to efficient database design
  • View a database design structure/content
  • Understand MySQL storage engines, transactions and features of the common engines
  • Gain familiarity with Administration Tools for MySQL
  • Gain understanding of the Backup Recovery concepts
  • Introduction to High Availability


  • Introduction to MySQL
    • MySQL Course Overview
    • MySQL Products and Service
    • MySQL Community Edition vs. MySQL Enterprise Edition
    • MySQL Product Releases
  • MySQL Architecture
    • My SQL Architecture Overview
    • Storage Engine Concept
    • Locks
    • MySQL Architecure Summary
  • MySQL Server
    • My SQL Binary Distributions
    • MySQL Source Distributions
    • Loading Time Zone Tables
    • MySQL and Windows
    • MySQL and Linux
    • Improve MySQL Installation Security
  • Configuring MySQL Server
    • MySQL Configuration
    • Option Files
    • Dynamic Server Variables
    • SQL Mode
    • Log and Status Files
    • Binary Log
  • Schema Design
    • Database Modeling
    • Normalization
    • Denormalization
    • Data Types
    • Partitioning
  • Metadata Data and NEW_PERFORMANCE Schema
    • Metadata Access Methods
    • The INFORMATION_SCHEMA and MySQLDatabases
    • New PERFORMANCE_Schema
    • Using SHOW and DESCRIBE
    • The mysqlshow Client
  • Introduction to Storage Engines
    • Storage Engine Overview
    • MyISAM, InnoDB, and MEMORY Storage Engines
    • Other Storage Engines
    • Choosing Appropriate Storage Engines
    • Using Multiple Storage Engines
    • Storage Engine Comparison Chart
  • MySQL Clients and Administrative Tools for MySQL
    • Overview of Administrative Clients
    • Invoking MySQL Client Programs
    • Using the Mysql Client
    • The mysqladmin Client
    • MySQL Administration tools
  • Backup and Recovery Concepts and Tools
    • Backup Recovery Concept
    • Row and Statement level Logging
    • Types of Backups
    • Backup Tools
    • Data Recovery
  • Replication
    • MySQL Replication in Action on the Web
    • Designing for High Availability
    • MySQL Replication Overview
    • MySQL Replication features
    • Getting started with Replication
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