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Building Database Driven Applications with JPA, Java EE 6 (Self-Study Course)



  • Java-Entwickler


  • Display experience with the Java programming language
  • Integrate existing Java code (for example, reuse existing classes created by other team members)
  • Java Programming Language, Java SE 6


  • Overview of the Java Persistence API
    • Describe the basics of Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
    • Define the key concepts of the Java Persistence API (entity, entity manager, and persistence unit)
  • Introducing the Auction Application
    • Describe the auction application
    • Define the domain objects of the auction application
    • Describe the implementation model for the auction system
  • Java Persistence API Entities
    • Describe the difference between objects and entities
    • Describe the difference between persistent fields and properties
    • Identify and use common Java Persistence API annotations, such as @Entity, @Id, @Table, and @Column
  • Understanding the Entity Manager
    • Describe the relationship between an entity manager, a persistence context, and a persistence unit
    • Describe the difference between a container-managed entity manager and an application-managed entity manager
    • Describe the entity life cycle
  • Modeling Entity Relationships
    • Examine association relationships in the data and object models
    • Use relationship properties to define associations
    • Implement one-to-one unidirectional associations
    • Implement one-to-one bidirectional associations
    • Implement many-to-one/one-to-many bidirectional associations
    • Implement many-to-many bidirectional associations
    • Implement many-to-many unidirectional associations
    • Examine fetch and cascade mode settings
  • Entity Inheritance and Object-Relational Mapping
    • Examine entity inheritance
    • Examining object/relational inheritance hierarchy mapping strategies
    • Inherit from an entity class
    • Inherit using a mapped superclass
    • Inherit from a non-entity class
    • Examine inheritance mapping strategies
    • Use an embeddable class
  • Persisting Enums and Collections
    • Persist entities that contain enums with @Enumerated
    • Persist entities that contain lists with @ElementCollection
    • Persist entities that contain maps with @ElementCollection
  • Introduction to Querying
    • Find an Entity by its primary key
    • Understand basic Java Persistence API query language queries
    • Understand native SQL queries
    • Understand basic Criteria API queries
  • Using the Java Persistence API Query Language
    • Examine the Java Persistence API query language
    • Create and use the SELECT statement
    • Create and use the UPDATE statement
    • Create and use the DELETE statement
  • Using the Java Persistence API Criteria API
    • Contrast queries that use the Criteria API with queries that use the Java Persistence query language
    • Describe the metamodel object approach to querying
    • Create Criteria API queries
  • Using the Java Persistence API in a Container
    • Use the Java Persistence API from a servlet
    • Use the Java Persistence API from a stateless session bean
  • Implementing Transactions and Locking
    • Describe the transaction demarcation management
    • Implement container-managed transactions (CMT)
    • Interact programmatically with an ongoing CMT transaction
    • Implement bean-managed transactions (BMT)
    • Apply transactions to the Java Persistence API
  • Advanced Java Persistence API Concepts
    • Specify composite primary keys
    • Override mappings with the @AttributeOverride and @AssociationOverride annotations
    • Understand entity listeners and callback methods
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