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Integrating Siebel 8.0 Applications (Self-Study Course)



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  • Siebel 8.0 Essentials


  • Configure an integration solution based on data federation that uses external business components and virtual business components
  • Determine an appropriate integration solution to satisfy a set of business requirements
  • Configure an integration solution based on data exchange
  • Configure an integration solution that uses Web services
  • Configure an integration solution that uses Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) flows and Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) processes on Oracle’s Fusion Middleware


  • Overview of Siebel Integration
    • Challenges in Application Integration
    • Siebel Integration Technologies
    • Topologies for Integration
    • Fundamental Integration Activities
  • Overview of XML
    • Role of XML in Integration
    • Review of XML Concepts
    • XML, XSD, and XSLT Files
    • XML Namespaces
  • Integration using Integration Workflows
    • Configuring Integration Objects
    • Using the EAI Siebel Adapter
    • Using the EAI XML Converter
    • Using File Transport
    • Building an Integration Workflow
    • Using the Siebel Data Mapper
    • Using HTTP Transport
  • Integration using a Service Oriented Architecture
    • Using Services
    • Application Services Interfaces
    • Overview of Web Services
    • Using Siebel Inbound Web Services
    • Using Siebel Outbound Web Services
  • Integration Using Oracle Fusion Middleware
    • Benefits of Middleware
    • Integrating Siebel CRM using ESB Services
    • Integrating Siebel CRM using BPEL Processes
    • Understanding Oracle Application Integration Architecture
  • Integration using Data Federation
    • Benefits of a Data Federation Solution
    • Configuring External Business Components
    • Configuring Virtual Business Components
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