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An Introduction to Mobile Java Technologies, Java ME (Self-Study Course)



  • Understand large-scale technology implementations, including the architecture and processes involved
  • Display an awareness of mobile technology
  • Describe the principles of object oriented software technologies
  • Display proficiency with software technology concepts


  • Describe the developments in wireless technologies
  • Recognize a successful wireless solution
  • Analyze the technologies involved in the wireless and device markets
  • Evaluate the impact of wireless technologies on business models and technology environments
  • Devise and plan a wireless solution that delivers tangible business value
  • Describe the configurations, profiles and standard packages found in J2ME
  • Illustrate a J2ME wireless architecture


  • What is Wireless?
    • Describe the history and evolution of wireless technology and the key forces driving wireless
    • adoption today
    • List and describe the various classes of wireless technology
    • Describe the impact of wireless technologies on society
    • Describe the future of wireless
    • Describe the wireless business models enabled by wireless systems
  • How Wireless is Hardwired
    • List and describe the components that form the architecture of a wireless system
    • Describe how open systems, Java, XML, and TCP/IP technologies play a critical role on emerging wireless system
    • Describe the current and potential future of wireless transmission protocols for wireless devices and the replacement of wired infrastructure
    • List and describe the benefits and limitations of current wireless software platforms
    • Describe the available wireless hardware
    • List and describe the wireless standards
  • Wireless Benefits for Business Operations
    • Describe scenarios for using wireless technologies to lower the costs of existing enterprise functions
    • Describe how wireless enables new revenue opportunities
    • Describe potential wired infrastructure replacements for the enterprise
  • Planning a Wireless Solution
    • Identify the business and technology goals needed for a wireless business strategy
    • Describe the best practices to use to design a wireless application
    • Define a wireless solution
  • Overview of the J2ME Platform
  • J2ME Configurations
  • J2ME Profiles
  • Optional J2ME Packages
  • Future Directions
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