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Creating Web Services Using Java Technology, Java EE 5, (Self-Study Course)



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  • Developing Applications for the Java EE Platform (CDJ-310-EE5)
  • Implement and deploy a Java EE platform application containing web-tier and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) components
  • Assemble, deploy, and test a distributed Java platform technology application
  • Use the Ant build environment (or other tool sets required by the labs)


  • Identify the building blocks of web services
  • Analyze the Java web services technology and platform
  • Implement XML processing APIs
  • Explain and monitor SOAP messages
  • Apply SOAP With Attachments API for Java (SAAJ) in web services
  • Explain the web services description language (WSDL) and create a WSDL file
  • Recognize the role of a Service Registry
  • Implement web services using Java API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS) technology
  • Develop web service clients


  • Identifying the Building Blocks of Web Services
    • Define a web service
    • Explore the need for web services
    • Identify the characteristics of a web service
    • List the primary web service initiatives, specifications, and application programming interfaces (APIs)
    • Recognize the Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I) Basic Profile and its importance to the web services community
  • Analyzing the Java Web Services Technology and Platform
    • Deploy and test a web service as a servlet endpoint
    • Deploy and test a web service as an Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) component endpoint
    • Run client applications that consume a web service
  • Applying XML Processing APIs
    • Apply Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) in a REST-based web service
    • Apply Simple API for XML (SAX) to format the output of a REST-based web service
  • Examining SOAP Messages
    • Examine various SOAP messages
    • Monitor SOAP messages being transmitted from a web service to a client and review SOAP fault messages
  • Developing Web Services Using the SOAP With Attachments API for Java (SAAJ)
    • Create a web service using SOAP with Attachments API for Java (SAAJ)
    • Consume a SAAJ-based web service
  • Explaining the Web Services Description Language (WSDL)
    • Identify the abstract model and concrete model of a WSDL file
    • Create a WSDL file to describe a web service
  • Recognizing the Role of Service Registry
    • Describe the purpose of a service registry
    • Describe Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI)
    • Describe electronic business XML(ebXML)
    • Identify the features of the ebXML registry
    • Use the Java API for XML Registries (JAXR) to access an ebXML registry
    • Describe the JAXR API
  • Implementing Web Services Using Java API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS) Technology
    • Create a web service from a WSDL file
    • Create a JAX-WS web service as a servlet endpoint
    • Create a JAX-WS web service as an EJB component endpoint
  • Developing Web Service Clients
    • Create a JAX-WS web-service client using a Dynamic Proxy
    • Enable a web application to consume a JAX-WS-based web service
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