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IBM Datacap 9.0.1: Configuration and Administration



  • Administrators who are responsible for Datacap system configuration, administration, and maintenance
  • Anyone who needs to know Datacap system configuration, administration, and maintenance


Recommended: Familiarity with data capturing concepts


This course is also available as classroom course IBM Datacap 9.0.1: Configuration and Administration (WF262G). 


This course shows you how to configure IBM Datacap and its components on a multi-system setup. You also learn about IBM Datacap Navigator configuration, system administration, and maintenance.


System and Component ConfigurationConfigure Datacap Server Service and Web AccessSetup Datacap Authentication modes and EncryptionCreate Datacap and security users and groupsConfigure Datacap Server for LLLDAP User AuthenticationSetup the Datacap Server, Datacap Web Server, and client in a multiple system configurationConfigure Rulerunner and Datacap Maintenance ManagerConfigure Datacap Web Services wTMConfigure Datacap Dashboard and monitor system performanceConfigure Datacap Report Manager (optional)Datacap Navigator ConfigurationChange the User SettingsEnable Datacap Navigator Single Sign OnConfigure Users and GroupsEnable Rescan for the Verify taskCreate a custom Panel for a taskImplement External Datacap Services for Datacap NavigatorConfigure Transactional CaptureInstall Datacap Navigator as a plug-inCustomize the Datacap Navigator desktopsSystem AdministrationCreate shortcuts for Web Client tasksConfigure store and queue by optionsIdentify Disaster Recovery conceptsMigrate Data from Access to DB2 databaseConfigure Application GlobalizationSystem MaintenanceSynchronize Job Monitor and Batch FoldersCreate and configure a Maintenance Manager ApplicationConfigure Event Logs

E-Learning IBM Self-Paced Virtual Class (SPVC)
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