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IBM Cúram Express Rules for Developers (Application Integration) 6.0.5 (SPVC)



This intermediate-level course is aimed at developers and technical architects.


You should have completed:

  • Fundamentals of IBM Cúram Express Rules for Developers (Application Integration) 6.0.5. (9D60G)


This course provides students with a technical understanding of integrating CER with IBM Cúram SPM applications.

Fundamentals of IBM Cúram Express Rules for Developers (ADE) 6.0.5 describes how to develop IBM CER rules using the IBM CER Application Development Environment (ADE). This course describes how to integrate CER rules with IBM Cúram Applications and covers the following topics: rules for Triage, Screening, and Intake; Dynamic Evidence; rules for Eligibility and Entitlement; rules for other applications; customizing rules and evidence.   

During the course, students will develop rules and evidence for a simple product.

If you are enrolling in a Self Paced Virtual Classroom or Web Based Training course, before you enroll, please review the Self-Paced Virtual Classes and Web-Based Training Classes on our Terms and Conditions page, as well as the system requirements, to ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements for this course.



  • How CER rules integrate with IBM Cúram SPM products
  • How to build dynamic products and Dynamic Evidence Types
  • How to customize Application rule sets and evidence types.
E-Learning IBM Self-Paced Virtual Class (SPVC)
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