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IBM SPSS Data Collection Survey Presentation SPVC



This advanced course is for Researchers or Scriptwriters who will be responsible for writing, using, or modifying, Dimensions surveys. Advanced scriptwriters who will modify or enhance scripts generated by attendees from the Dimensions Scripting (Survey Creation I) course Staff tasked with creating and managing the look and feel of Dimensions surveys for the Internet/Intranet Staff tasked with integrating Dimensions surveys into websites or other Enterprise Feedback Management systems.


Must have:

  • Attended the PASW Data Collection (Survey Creation):Level I course.
  • Access to PASW Data Collection Author Professional with Interview option.


This is the self paced training version of "IBM SPSS Data Collection Survey Presentation" classroom course. Students will have attended the first PASW Data Collection (Survey Creation): Level I course and will have successfully developed and deployed a couple of surveys using the techniques covered in the first course. This follow-on self paced training course assists you in building more diverse presentation formats for their surveys. Students will be introduced to the architecture used to render PASW Data Collection surveys and how traditional browser technologies interact with the survey creation. Students will learn how to manipulate the majority of aspects of the presentation of a survey by creating the HTML template design, adding images, changing the survey or question template or using the interaction of Styles and page template. The training finishes with an introduction to Javascript interaction with PASW Data Collection surveys and a discussion of best practice tips and tricks.

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E-Learning IBM Self-Paced Virtual Class (SPVC)
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